A Look Inside the Functioning VRChat Kmart World

the front of kmart world in vrchat

If you are a millennial or older, chances are you remember shopping at a Kmart. There was just something so cool about walking in there, eating at the cafe, hearing the Bluelight specials, and going down the toy aisle. Maybe Kmart is even where you remember buying your first console or game that became your favorite. Many other chain stores have come after it, but nothing seems to compare to the joyous nostalgia that was Golden Age Kmart. Now thanks to the wonder of VRChat, your childhood nostalgia has been recreated. Here’s a look inside the functioning VRChat Kmart World.

Entering The Store

The front of the Kmart World space in VRChat.

At the front of the store, there is a directory of where everything is inside along with some shopping carts. Surely you remember riding in those.

Inside The Store

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The cafe inside Kmart World.

Near the entrance is the iconic Kmart Cafe, where many post-shopping meals were spent back in the day. Sometimes instead of Little Caesars, the restaurant in the store would be Pizza Hut. Other times it would be a nameless Kmart Cafe that served things like hotdogs and icees. No Kmart trip was complete without chowing down on sodium and sugar in the cafe to wash down the lingering buyers’ remorse.

Merchandise aisles in Kmart World.

Kmart sold everything from shoes to kitchen items to groceries to things for pets. You could wander for hours down every aisle looking at all the merchandise. This was especially fun to do when the Halloween and Christmas decorations were out in full swing.

Bluelight specials in Kmart World.

Kmarts were extremely famous for their Bluelight specials, where an item would be temporarily marked down from its regular price. An employee would announce the deal and eager shoppers charged to the department of the deal. Kmart was also famous for its Layaway program, where you could put an item on hold, pay for it in installments and pick it up when your payments were finished.

The electronics section in Kmart World.

This is the Electronics section in Kmart world. Picture it. You’re in the electronics section at Kmart on your birthday excitedly waiting for the employee to unlock the game case. You’ve been doing well in school and as a result, your mom has promised you the latest game console on your special day. This is the feeling that the Electronics section invoked. It’s a beacon of childhood nostalgia, as well as one that was a catalyst for creating memories.

Departing The Store

The exit thanks us for shopping at Kmart. At the front, there is also a cashier area and a sign with the store “manager”, who is actually the owner of the server. We leave with a strange nostalgia, an overwhelming sense of Deja Vu as if having just walked through a piece of history.

If you want to check out the server for yourself, you can do so using VRChat!

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A Look Inside the Functioning VRChat Kmart World


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