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A Guide to What’s New in MU Origin 2.4

A Guide to What’s New in MU Origin 2.4

Since the February update introduced a new character class and all-server area, Webzen has conjured up more fresh content for MU Origin. Imaginary drum roll please, as the latest patch for version 2.4 is summoned. So, what’s new with MU?

Firstly, there’s the Corps system. Not ‘corpse’, like the cadaver of your slain enemy, or the goth bride in that Tim Burton film. Corps as in a military division. Up to four MU Origin guilds can combine to form a corps, and take on baddies as a single unit. There’s no better team-bonding exercise than hacking and slashing your way around a dungeon together, and this takes that guild experience up a notch.

In order to create a corps, you’ll need to be a Guild Master over level 6, and complete the ‘Door’ quest after 10 rebirth level 50. Your corps comprises four roles: Corps Commander, Deputy Commander, Elite Member and Normal Member. Each position has differing levels of authority, and the top lot can chat in private (whilst Normal Members wonder who’s being gossiped about).

As you complete quests together, you’ll glean Prosperity Points and steadily rise up the rankings. The 4 top-ranked corps each week qualify to enter Corps War – a competitive tournament testing your Elite Members against rivals. There are two tournament battlegrounds to choose from – East Akeron and West Akeron – both challenging you in capture-the-flag contests. The top-scoring corps wins, and walks away with special privileges in the next noteworthy addition: Territory Collect.

Territory Collect
Territory Collect is a new all-server area for corps seeking resources such as Hallow Essence, Wolf Dust, Aether Dust and Soul dust. You can enter and collect here up to 30 times a week, providing you’re 10 rebirth level 60 and above. If your corps is the reigning winner of Corps War, there are extra perks; you can deploy watchtowers to protect a particular patch of land from other players, a statue bearing your Corps Commander’s visage will stand proudly for all to admire, and you’ll benefit from increased collection speed and resource quantity. Oh, you’ll also get a swanky title to prove just how elite you are (until next week’s Corps War, when it’s all up for grabs all over again).

Hallow & Divinity
Just when you thought you’d got to grips with all the resources, upgrades and stat boosts in MU Origin, along come Hallows. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to understand. Once you’ve finished the ‘Scheme’ quest after 10 rebirth level 60, you’ll unlock the Hallow system. Using Hallow Essence you’ve collected, you can enhance 12 Hallows – magical, totemic objects – each one imbuing you with stat boosts to HP, damage, defence and elasticity. Enhancing Hallows to 100% awakens a corresponding Divinity, such as the God of War, who imparts more benefits to your character.

…And the rest
The latest MU Origin patch throws in a few more tweaks on top of the aforementioned. The maximum character level has gone up again, so you can now grind your way to 13 rebirth level 100. As with the last raise of the level cap, the builders have been in to add a new floor to the Endless Tower – it stands at 140 now. Two more Aether slots have also been added, along with five new Aether Insignias to collect.

If you’re ready to rally the troops into a world-beating corps, download or update MU Origin for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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A Guide to What’s New in MU Origin 2.4


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