Mom and Dad are out, and it’s just Sister May and Baby George at the house. At first it seems like an ordinary day, then… oh no! Zombies!! Guide May and George through the zombie onslaught! Grab guns, power them up, and collect power ups to help you through the massive waves of zombies! We’ll show you how to become an expert zombie slayer with our 9GAG Redhead Redemption cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Get all three stars!

To get three stars on a level, you must meet different requirements:

  • Completing the level automatically grants you one star.
  • Collecting all 5 intels on the level nets you another. Be on the look out for the tall zombies with glowing backpacks – those are the intels you need to get!
  • Survive the level with full health rewards you with the last star.

2. Try out nightmare mode!

Once you’ve gotten three stars on a level, you can try out that same level in nightmare mode! In accordance to its name, you’ll find double the zombies here with double the power! If you’re well equipped, you can still make it through, and if you do you’re rewarded with diamonds, the game’s premium currency. Try it out once you’ve gotten a few upgrades!

3. Look out for the backpack zombies!

There are some zombies running around with green backpacks. Whenever you see these guys, try to kill them first, as their keeping power ups inside their backpacks. Sometimes you’ll get health power ups, double damage, and more! They can really help you out in a pinch so be sure to kill them when you see them!

4. Don’t forget about your knife!

Your knife is a melee attack that instantly kills the weaker zombies around you. Don’t forget about it, as it can save you in an emergency! It has a 9 second cooldown, but it can be upgraded to increase its strength and reduce its cooldown time.

5. Don’t stop shooting! Kill fast!

For every zombie you kill within a short period of time since the last kill, you gain a combo multiplier. At certain intervals you’ll start earning double coins and double points for each kill. If you manage to keep that going, you’ll get a triple multiplier! Needless to say, you want to stay moving so that you’re constantly hitting zombies. So as long as your bullets are hitting a zombie, your combo won’t reset. Just be quick!

6. Try out a power up!

If you’ve got gold to spare, you can buy temporary power ups that last for a single stage. These work just like the power ups that drop from the backpack zombies, except that you’ll get the bonuses right off the start.

You’re set to be the mightiest teeny heroes ever! If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!

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