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5 ways Langrisser Mobile trumps Fire Emblem Heroes

5 ways Langrisser Mobile trumps Fire Emblem Heroes

The Langrisser and Fire Emblem series have been trying to outmanoeuvre each other in the tactical RPG space for generations, a rivalry with roots in the 16-bit era, and this war is about to explode onto the mobile front.

Almost two years on from the release of Fire Emblem Heroes on iOS and Android, Langrisser Mobile has thrown the gauntlet down to the rival title. Developer Zlongame is eager to dethrone the Nintendo hit, and here are four reasons why it’s in good stead to do that.

Langrisser Mobile boasts larger maps

While there’s plenty of content on offer in Fire Emblem Heroes, its campaigns take place across small, 8×6 maps and are often over in a heartbeat. Langrisser Mobile delivers a more in-depth tactical RPG experience, geared towards fans who enjoy lengthier battles.

Players will have a whopping 300 levels to work their way through, all of which are substantial. The game takes place against the backdrop of El Sallia, a vast world of warring heroes and magic where fans will have the chance to change the course of the narrative – which tells a story involving the birth of a new hero – through the choices they make.

The lives of Langrisser Mobile’s supporting characters can also be explored by completing the side stories, adding further depth and content to the experience.

More tactical depth on the battlefield

Fire Emblem Heroes is basically a scaled-down version of its console predecessors that makes a number of concessions for mobile platforms. One of them is streamlining the action on the battlefield, as skirmishes are pretty much decided by unit strength alone.

While Langrisser Mobile takes a similar approach, Zlongame has gone to lengths to ensure that none of the tactical role-playing depth the franchise is known for has been sacrificed.

The game is built on the same values as its console forbears and the developer’s aim was to create a portable spinoff with as much strategic sophistication as the earlier games, and this really shines through when the broad battlefield mechanics are scrutinised.

Battles come down to more than just your heroes’ stats and powers. Terrain is an important factor, as some units struggle on certain types of turf and thrive on others, and unit combinations are vital too, forcing you to think about your army as a whole.

Players can relive classic battles

Langrisser Mobile is certainly true to its console predecessors, to the extent that it allows fans to relive classic levels from the earlier games. Battles including ‘Escape From the Capital’ and ‘The Revived Alhazard’ can be fought all over again, and you can replay them as many times as you like via the Time Rift feature. These age-old skirmishes feature alongside all-new levels, so there’s more than enough content to rival Fire Emblem Heroes.

The game doesn’t ditch transfer trees

One killer feature Langrisser Mobile has that Fire Emblem Heroes doesn’t is class transfer trees. Tactical RPG fans can’t get enough of these, so Fire Emblem’s decision not to bring them to mobile was a major disappointment in the eyes of its fanbase.

Langrisser Mobile has that extra layer of tactical depth as class transfer trees make the jump from the console instalments. Through this system, players can tweak their units to suit their preferred playstyle and there are an an unlimited number of battle combinations.

All 80 of the game’s heroes are backed by their own trees, allowing you to develop them into High Riders, Marshals, and more. Keep in mind, though, class choice alone does not determine success – how your heroes combine with the team is what is most important here, so players are forced to think about how their forces complement each other.

There’s plenty of incentive to reach the pinnacle of each class transfer tree. For starters, when a hero has entered the final level of their class, their side-plot becomes available, giving you the chance to unlock a more complete ending.

More impressive presentation

Although Fire Emblem Heroes’ visuals do the job, especially the charming character models, Langrisser Mobile really goes above and beyond in the presentation stakes. Its characters look similarly impressive, but it’s the environments that really shine.

Maps are more detailed, with impressive lighting and shadow effects, and you’ll encounter everything from dense forests to dark fortresses during the campaigns.

Langrisser Mobile also has the edge where sound is concerned as the game is backed up by full voice acting to ensure it offers a more immersive experience than Fire Emblem Heroes.

Langrisser Mobile recently entered closed beta on iOS and Android following a successful soft launch in China over the summer. Details about how to take part in the beta can be found on the game’s official website and Facebook page.

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5 ways Langrisser Mobile trumps Fire Emblem Heroes


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