5 Best ways to increase battle power quickly in State of Survival

State of Survival

The battle power in State of Survival is one of the paramount stats that showcases a player’s survival camp’s combat abilities. In State of Survival, battle power is not something that is increased by doing selective things. It a collective stat that relies on the overall progress of your survival camp.

Battle Power in the State of Survival depends on five major factors, namely – troop power, technology, your heroes levels and gears, chief’s level and the gear equipped by him, players overall level(survival camp lvl), and building upgrades.

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Among the aforementioned factors, upgrading buildings in the State of Survival helps players to quickly increase their battle power.

To start off, players should focus on upgrading their headquarters, secondly they should focus on upgrading buildings like the Police Precint and Research Lab. Moreover, helping survivors while expanding your camp gives an additional boost to the battle power.

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Players should also continuously focus on upgrading their chief and the rest of the heroes. Equipping them with better gear is going to increase battle power quickly in the State of Survival. Forming alliances also gives a big boost to the battle power in state of survival.

So, summing up the aforementioned things.

Best 5 ways to increase battle power in State of Survival

Here are the five best ways in which players can increase their battle power.

1.) Upgrade your Chief and his gear

Level up your chief and equip him with a good gear set to increase BP.

2.) Upgrade all buildings

Upgrading the Economic and Military buildings in State of Survival will help you increase your battle power.

3.) Save Survivors

Saving survivors in State of Survival increases your troops count, training a new group of troops further increases the BP.

4.) Upgrading Heroes and their gears

We know resources are always running thin in State of Survival. But, try to upgrade your heroes, especially, the one that you use most.

5.) Research

Researching new tech. and other stuff increase battle power in State of Survival.

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5 Best ways to increase battle power quickly in State of Survival


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