Best Guns for Headshots in Free Fire
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Playing Garena Free Fire is not only about surviving the battlefield. Player’s strategies, shooting skills, and game stats also matter. To be considered a ‘pro’, a player needs to have smooth and deft gunplay. Headshots are an important determiner of good gunplay.

Shooting that perfect headshot depends on various aspects like the accuracy of the aim, the player’s skills, and even the attachments that go with the gun. However, getting the right gun boosts your chances of shooting those accurate headshots.

Land some Headshots in Free Fire with these guns


Image via Garena Free Fire

The true treasure always pops out of the airdrops. An AWM is a perfect gun that players can find in Free Fire. It has high accuracy, deals high damage, and can get through any armor. While it is difficult for players to get their hands on the AWM, it is sometimes worth the risk.


Image via Garena Free Fire

Probably, Scar L is one of the Assault Rifles that can tackle medium and long-ranged shots effortlessly. With a high damage rate and decent accuracy, SCAR is preferred by many players for landing some headshots. However, SCAR L has a very fire rate which may fall weak against a gun with a high fire rate.


Image via Garena Free Fire

M14 is unarguably one of the most favored weapons for getting some quick and accurate headshots. With very high damage of 71, high accuracy, and medium firing rate, M14 is suitable for long-range combat. This is a favorite with many Free Fire players.


Image via Garena Free Fire

Groza is a very versatile and interesting weapon. It does some major damage, is fit for long-range combat, and is relatively stable. The fire rate and accuracy of the weapon are also decent. Players with good aim can take full advantage of this well-balanced weapon. The only download to Groza is that it can only be found in airdrops and spawns very rarely on the map.


Image via Garena Free Fire

M1887 belongs to the shotgun family of guns that uses SG ammo. It deals very high damage of 170 and fast reloading speed. However, the firing rate is somewhat sluggish. For a shotgun, the M1887 probably has a decent range. The gun is a good fit for short-ranged headshots.

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