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Top 3 Best Healing Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Top 3 Best Healing Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom
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In Cookie Run: Kingdom, defense is as important as attack. Especially, in Bounties and Arena battles, you need that HP restore. Along with the healing effects, some Healing Cookies also provide extra buffs or debuffs to the team

Defense Cookies, Support Cookies, and Healing Cookies all fall into the ‘defense’ category of Cookies. You need these Cookies to restore your squad’s HP and make sure they make it to the end of the battle.

Cookie Run: Kingdom – 3 Best Healing Cookies to Add to Your Team

Here are the best Healing Cookies that can support your team really well.

Pure Vanilla Cookie

best healing cookies
Pure Vanilla Cookie (Image via Cookie Run: Kingdom)

Without a doubt, Pure Vanilla Cookie tops the list of best Healing Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom. He is an Ancient Cookie and has incredible healing powers stuffed in his Orchid Staff.

Pure Vanilla Cookie’s special skill is called ‘Love & Peace.’ When activated, he restores the team’s HP and creates a protective shield around them. You can top the Pure Vanilla Cookie with Solid Almond and Swift Chocolate.

Herb Cookie

healing cookies in cookie run kingdom
Herb Cookie (Image via Cookie Run: Kingdom)

The Herb Cookie is a favorite with players and almost a staple in every squad. He appears in the bond stories ‘The Green Dawn’ with Clover Cookie. And in ‘Sparkling Cookie’s Regulars’ he features alongside Sparkling Cookie, Vampire Cookie, and Mint Choco Cookie.

Herb Cookie’s special skill is aptly named ‘Sunny Garden’ because he turns the battlefield into a garden. This garden restores the team’s HP and also removes all their debuffs.

Custard Cookie III

healing cookies
Custard Cookie III (Image via Cookie Run: Kingdom)

You can play the Custard Cookie III right after you start playing Cookie Run: Kingdom. Precisely, you will unlock this cute Cookie once you enter the Land of Little Big Dreams. He appears in the bond stories ‘A Royal Dynasty’ and ‘Best Birthday Gift Ever’.

Custard Cookie III’s special skill is ‘King’s Favor’ wherein he replenishes the HP of two Cookies with the lowest HP. He also covers these Cookies with a protective shield for a few seconds.

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Top 3 Best Healing Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom


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