A new interesting puzzle game is going to become available for download on the App Store in just a few days. A game that will make cloning a true necessity when clearing the challenges that the developers have included in the title. It’s not about cloning things, to be honest, but rather cloning the main character himself.

Instantion is a 2D puzzle/platform game where players will have to clone their bodies to activate switches, grab keys and clear the stages. Clonation cannot be done an unlimited number of times, though, as you will only be able to do so four times. The limited amount of possible clonations introduces the puzzle element in an otherwise straightforward experience.


The way cloning is done is really interesting. To do it, you will have to shoot seeds around through a slingshot. Once the seed has reached the ground, a clone will appear. This mechanic will allow gamers to clone themselves in otherwise impossible to reach locations.

Instantion starts off quite easy but will definitely become harder in later stages, as the clones move around at the same time the main character those. This will force gamers to thing long and hard about how to move without compromising clones in different locations. For this reason, Instantion doesn’t look like a game for casual players, but a true hardcore puzzle game experience.

Instantion will launch on the App Store on April 10th for the price of $1.99.




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