10s Challenge Cheats, Tips and Strategy Guide


10 seconds – that’s not an awful lot of time by any means, and a game that challenges you to survive 10 seconds per each level must be pretty boring, right? Well, on the contrary, as 10s Challenge, the latest addictive and enraging skill game for the iPhone and iPad, manages to prove. And we are here to help you get past that level you don’t seem to be able to beat with a complete set of 10s Challenge tips and tricks. And if we manage to find any cheats, we’ll surely post them here as well!

But until then, let’s build up a quick strategy guide for 10s Challenge!

1. Sometimes, just passing the level is OK
We all want three stars in all levels, but that’s not always going to happen. Deal with it and first make sure to complete the level (getting two stars on most of them is relatively simple) and only afterwards, if you really have iron nerves and a lot of free time come back and give it a go for three stars. But for your sanity, it’s best to sometimes just get it done with a level and carry on.

2. Every game is different
Whenever you restart a level, the square(s) and obstacles will change course, so every game is different. This is what makes 10s Challenge so difficult and fun. However, despite the unpredictable nature of the routes the bouncing squares follow, there will always be some sort of “safe spots” where you can take a breather. There are no safe spots where you can hide for the whole 10 seconds, but getting to 5 or 6 in some occasions is absolutely vital.

3. Wait for the stars
Don’t rush to get all the stars, wait for the time to pass first. There’s nothing to win if you get all the stars in 5 seconds and you’re hit by a square by the end. It’s usually better to run and stay alive for the first 5-6 seconds and then go for the stars. Don’t hurry and create a strategy for each level. This is the way to do it.

4. There are still patterns
The level I had the most difficult time with so far? Level 20. I spent tens of minutes trying to ace that level, but barely managed to finish it with two stars (see tip #1). However, what I noticed is that there are always patterns for the movement of the squares, even though they all seem random. They are not always exactly the same, but similar, and just a few to several possible combinations per each game. This means that there will be easier and more difficult to beat “scenarios” per each level. Play until you find the one that’s the easiest, and focus all your energy on that one.

5. Use the special powers
There are three special powers that you can use: the snowflake symbol which freezes the blue squares for some seconds, the ghost symbol that lets you get through them for a couple of seconds and the “Time Stops” which are automatically triggered when you lift your finger off the display. In some levels it’s best to use them, but have in mind that even those who appear impossible to win without a special power can still be beaten (see level 20 and have in mind that they get more and more difficult!

6. Play on an iPad
If you have this choice, play on an iPad. The bigger screen helps a bit, from movement to seeing the trajectory of the squares. And it seems less likely to smash an iPad to the ground when you get really angry…

7. Covering the screen problem
When playing, I noticed that on many occasions I get hit by a blue square because my right hand covers most of the lower right area of the screen. The only solution I found to this is to play in a very awkward position, with my finger perpendicular on my palm, and my arm help up high. Looks silly, but doesn’t cover the screen!

So this would be all right now in terms of 10s Challenge tips and tricks. If you have anything else to add, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you know of any cheats, that would be perfect too!

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10s Challenge Cheats, Tips and Strategy Guide


  1. Luciano,
    great strategy guide!!!

    We are happy to see that our game is being as hard as we want too.

    There is another tip that may help a lot of players: if you release your finger from touch screen the time stops, this way you can think patiently your next move. But notice that there are only 6 “time stops” at each level.

    Keep up the amazing work at Touch Tap Play!

    Best Regards,

    • Thanks, Eduardo! I guess that your game is even more difficult than you want it to be :)) Keep up the great work, too and do bring us more games like this one in the future!


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