100% Golf Guide: Tips & Cheats To Get High Percentages


Welcome to 100% Golf, a minimalist golfing game that puts a fresh new spin on the standard putter. In this game, you have a “health” bar of sorts – every putt you make decreases your percentage, and your par for the hole is equal to the amount of percentage you have left.

Thus, 100% Golf is all about precision, timing, and patience. Small precise moves are the name of the game here if you want good percentages, and we will give you some pointers in our 100% Golf tips and tricks guide.

Grab your club and get ready to hone your putting skills, we are heading out to the course in our 100% Golf cheats, tips, and tricks strategy guide to get high percentages!

Conserving Percentage

True the name, 100% Golf is all about using your percentage wisely. At the start of your turn, you can tap and hold anywhere to start putting, and you can drag around to adjust your aim.

Your aim will adjust automatically around the point where you initially touched the screen, indicated by a white dot.

Your objective is to get in the hole using as little percentage as possible. Every time you make a shot, you use up some percentage – the stronger the shot, the more percentage is used.

Your remaining percentage is tallied up at the end of the course, and you are given an average. You need an average of at least 20% to unlock the second course, so conserving percentage is important.

Remember, there is no rush to get to the hole. It is better to take your time and plan out small, calculated shots to conserve as much percentage as possible.

Avoid the Water like the Plague

There is no quicker way to end your current hole by simply going for a dip. Remember that you are putting in this game, so there are no power shots that let your ball go very high or anything of that matter.

With this in mind, you should know that the second your ball touches any body of water it will immediately sink, no matter how fast it is going or the amount of power you put into the putt.

Lakes and pond need to be avoided at all costs, there is no getting around them. Well, there is, literally – the best way to deal with bodies of water is to simply putt around them.

Look around the water and see which side has the shortest distance to the whole, then slowly make your way around it. Always keep in mind: when in doubt, use less rather than more power; it is much safer that way.

In the later courses, you will find that the game often tempts you with narrow shortcuts surrounded by water. Unless your putts are perfect, you will not be getting through these shortcuts, so we recommend taking the safer route on your first run through.

Sand is Annoying, but can be Dealt with

Sand is the yellow patch that will show up every now and then. Sand will put a significant amount of drag on your ball, making it come to an immediate stop if your ball rolls into the sand.

While sand is extremely hard to deal with, it is not the end of the world. Just apply at least 40% power on your next shot to get yourself out at the nearest angle, and you should be able to salvage the hole from there.

Whatever you do, do NOT try to brute force your way through an entire patch of sand. You will use up 100% of your power in less than two moves, so this is a quick way to end the current hole. Instead, look for the closest patch of grass to you and aim for that.

But, just like water, it is best to be avoided at all costs. It may not cost you the hole right away, but more often than not sand can quickly turn a hole bad.

Watch out for Trees

The little green circles are trees. They look like blobs most of the time, but when you are preparing to putt, they will turn transparent temporarily, showing you where the actual tree itself is.

This is important because your ball can pass under the green circle freely, but if it collides with the tree it will bounce as if it hit a wall. This can throw off your shot, and worse, you might even go flying into a sand pit or lake.

Trees are high risk, high reward. They often are blurring the lines between the normal route and a shortcut, so if you do manage to get through them, you can save up a lot of percentage.

Manipulating Shot Accuracy

Sharp-eyed players will notice that when you first start to drag your line, the arrow is very wide, but the longer your line is, the narrower it will get.

This can be easily understood as weak, low percentage shots are more prone to curving, while strong, high percentage shots are more accurate. So, the faster your ball moves, the less prone it is to curving.

In certain cases, it may be worth it to use the extra percentage to straight out your trajectory, especially if you are going for a long-range shot. Keep this is mind when you are planning your shots.

Banking Shots and Crossing the Field

To help with your shots, we have some reference points to give you an idea of how much percentage you need. To cross almost the entire field, you need about 40% percentage. This should be just enough to get you over to the other side, provided there are no obstacles.

If you use any more power than that, there is a good chance that your ball will collide with the boundaries of the hole. If this happens, your ball will bounce off at the appropriate angle and power.

If calculated and planned out intentionally, banking shots like this can actually help out a lot. In fact, some of the later holes provide you with clear banking opportunities, and it can cut down on your percentage usage.

Don’t be Afraid to Restart the Course

At any point you can pause the game and retry the entire course. You cannot retry the previous hole or anything like that – agreeing to retry will put you back at the beginning of the course.

While it seems like a waste to throw all of that progress away, we try not to look at it that in that light. 100% Golf is a game that demands precision performance, and you might not get that on your first run through.

When you come back the second time around, you will be more familiar with the layout of the hole and the controls in general. Do not be afraid to retry if you get a low score on a hole – the more practice, the better.

It is also worth mentioning that even just one 0% can bring down your average at the end of a course dramatically. You will need an average of 30% on both course 1 and course 2 if you want to unlock the final course.

That’s all for 100% Golf. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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100% Golf Guide: Tips & Cheats To Get High Percentages


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