100 Balls is a really challenging and fun game for the iPhone and iPad with a simple concept: you have 100 balls and you must launch them into various glasses, lose as few as possible and get a score as high as possible. Might sound easy, but if you played the game already you know that it’s not really like that. So we’ve decided to come here and share with you a complete set of 100 Balls cheats and tips for a better score. So let’s get this started!

1. Launch fewer balls
The more balls you launch, the more you will lose – especially when the speed of the glasses will increase. Launching just a few balls every time gives you more chances to fill all the glasses and reduce losses. This is what you want to do: keep it slow and steady!

2. Don’t let glasses disappear
If you don’t manage to put at least one ball in a glass when it goes under the launcher, you will lose that glass. The game can be over when you have no glasses left, too, so try not to waste them, especially the colored glasses which give you more points.

3. Colored glasses and balls
Colored glasses create colored balls and each of those balls gives you more points. So it’s best to try and have as many colored balls as possible, but do follow the rules above: a white ball gives you 1 point, which is better than getting no points! However, be extra careful with your colored balls and especially glasses – you don’t want to lose those!

4. Learn to adapt your taps
At first when the glasses are really slow, you will have to release the balls when the glass is very close, but things will get trickier as the speed of the glasses increases. Make sure you adapt to the growing speed and always release at the right time.

In the end, as you can see, 100 Balls is mostly a skill game and it’s up for you to make the best out of it and get a humongous score. Do consider these tips, though and you will hopefully do better!


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