10 Best Japanese Games for iPhone

characters from japanese games

The popularity of mobile anime style games has grown exponentially over the past few years. Japanese developers continue to create iconic titles filled with amazing stories and gameplay. Whether you’re looking for gacha, combat, or something with visual novel elements, there’s something on this list for every gamer.

Twisted Wonderland

characters from twisted wonderland

If you enjoy Disney products, particularly the villains, you will love Aniplex’s Twisted Wonderland. Recently launched for the English market after a very successful run in Japan, this game combines Disneyfied elements reminiscent of Fire Emblem Three Houses but with its own unique story. You play a gender-neutral character who mysteriously ends up in a world where villains are top dogs, and the characters in the story are heavily inspired by them. Part visual novel, part dating sim, part rhythm, this is one you won’t want to miss.

Dragalia Lost

euden and zethia from dragalia lost

If you enjoy games similar to the style of Dragon Quest or Bravely Default where you control a multi-party of characters, Cygames’s Dragalia Lost will be right up your alley. Running since 2018, the game has plenty of main story content and is always running some kind of in-game event. The twists and turns in the story will keep you on your toes as you follow Prince Eudens quest for peace in his homeland.

Princess Connect Re: Dive

the gourmet guild from princess connect re:dive

Princess Connect Re: Dive is the perfect game for players who prefer to focus on building the perfect character compositions and unit raising rather than combat. You play a mysterious male character named Yuki who wakes up in a fantasy world where everybody knows him but he cannot remember a single thing. Yuki has a special gift that can boost the power of others, and he must utilize this as he goes on a quest to restore what he lost. With an auto-battle system, it’s a unique twist on the usual Japanese role-play style.

Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage

hatsune miku with a character in colorful stage

Have you ever wanted to interact personally with Hatsune Miku and her Vocaloid friends? In Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage, you get to do just that. This rhythm game puts you into the shoes of a character sent to a place known as SEKAI, where everyone gets to discover themselves through the power of song. With 5 Difficulty options to choose from, this works for both beginner and seasoned rhythm gamers. Packed with a fully voiced cast and a well-executed storyline, there’s no reason you won’t enjoy this.

Granblue Fantasy

the sky in granblue fantasy

Granblue Fantasy is something that fans of fighting games will just adore. Aside from the play style, there is plenty of storylines and character development to keep you interested. The story begins with the player on the run from the evil Erste Empire after having helped a mysterious girl called Lyria. Go on an adventure across the skies as you recruit others to your cause while avoiding the clutches of the Empire.

The Idolmaster: Shiny Colors

characters from the idolmaster shiny colors

Fans of things such as Hololive, Idolish7, or Love Live will definitely enjoy Idolmaster: Shiny Colors. This game puts you into the shoes of a producer working for a company called 283 Production where you are assigned to manage 16 idols across four different groups. As their manager, you must help them become stars. Take your talents to new heights in this hit title.

Fate Grand Order

servants from fate grand order

Fate Grand Order is based on the Fate series, which typically consists of a universe where mages summon heroes of the past to participate in battles called the Grail Wars. The Holy Grail will grant any wish to the winner of the war. In Grand Order, you play a character who is brought to a security organization called Chaldea that is attempting to prevent the coming apocalypse. With the help of your summoned characters, you must fix warps in time called Singularities and restore the world to its proper setting.

Grand Summoners

characters from grand summoners

If you enjoyed games such as Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Grand Summoners will be the game for you. This game works well for the player that is looking for something with a challenge, that requires you to learn the ropes in it. With beautiful art, great music, and a combat style that feels oddly nostalgic, Grand Summoners is definitely worth trying.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby

characters from uma musume pretty derby

You think you’ve seen it all, and then there’s Uma Musume Pretty Derby. This social simulation game sees famous Japanese racehorses of the past reincarnated into girls with superhuman athletic abilities. They train at the Tokyo Tracen Academy in the hopes of becoming the best idols and runners. You play a trainer at the school who will be a central figure in the character development of the horse girls. Pretty Derby has so far only launched in Japan, South Korea, and China, but it is expected to announce a global release in the future.

Fire Emblem Heroes

princess fjorm from fire emblem heroes

Both new and long-time Fire Emblem fans will enjoy Fire Emblem Heroes, the famous franchise’s answer to a mobile game. In this, you play a summoner working for the Kingdom of Askr, who is in a war with the land of Embla. The Kingdoms use heroes brought from other worlds to fight in the war, said worlds being the universes of past Fire Emblem games. Set in a Norse-themed land, you’ll face many foes and countless magical creatures as you carve a path to glory.

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10 Best Japanese Games for iPhone


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