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10 Best Games Like It Takes Two On The Nintendo Switch

10 Best Games Like It Takes Two On The Nintendo Switch
Credit to Casus Ludi
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Looking for a fun game to play with a friend but you find It Takes Two way too creepy? Or you hate that borderline-horror scene where they rip the plushie apart? Either way, there’s many two-person games out there that have more charm and we’ve found them all for you.

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Cuphead and his brother
Credit to Studio MDHR

Cuphead is a really fun game with art in the style of old school cartoons. The story is that Cuphead and his brother have to collect the soul of people in debt after a deal with the devil and gambling goes south. With great music, top tier 3rd person shooter style game play and beautiful art, this is one you won’t forget.

Kirby And The Forgotten Land

Kirby on a beach
Credit to Nintendo

The cutest pink puff is back in an all-new adventure where he’s been sent to a mysterious island ruled by a company of large beasts. For some reason, the group kidnaps the waddle dees and Kirby has to get them back! Kirby can explore alone or bring a waddle dee along, which the second player controls. You’ll unlock the multiplayer mode after you beat the first level.


the dogs from phogs
Credit to Bit Loom Games

While it might be fun, games like Cuphead could be too scary for a kid. Instead, play Phogs with them. It’s the most adorable wholesome game where two people control a two-headed puppet doll. It’s a great way to introduce the little ones to puzzles and platformer style, as the game involves both. This is the perfect thing to play with them over their winter break!


the dog and the deer from blanc
Credit to Casus Ludi

We absolutely love indie games, even more so when they have cute animal characters. In Blanc, two people play a wolf pup and a baby deer who cross paths while lost in a wintery forest. While at first apprehensive of one another, they sort their differences out and work together to make the journey home. Without any dialogue, it’s up to you how you interpret the story.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons
Credit to Nintendo

While technically a single player game, Animal Crossing New Horizons does allow you to have player visitors on your island and you can do activities like fishing and looking for fossils together. This classic title is just another great one for a beginner gamer or a little ones Christmas gift because of how simple it is. Plus, there’s so many different adorable villagers that everyone will find their favorite.

Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise screenshot
Image via Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise is a great game for when you want to play with a group of people who have all different skill levels. The process is very simple, a group of hunters (the players) team up to fight a big bad monster and use their parts to build armor and weapons. You can fight small monsters like the Great Izuchi and work your way up, or you can throw down with a challenge and go after Magnamalo. Either way, it’s a great way to bond by teaming up.

Portal 1 and 2

a robot from portal
Credit to Valve

Portal is a classic two-player puzzle game that’s challenging but interesting. If you’re not going to do it for the gameplay, do it for the commentary of Glados, the sassy snarky and sarcastic AI that guides you through the rooms. She’ll keep you on your toes through the whole thing. Did we mention she’s in both games too? You can never get rid of Glados, she’s too powerful.

Stardew Valley

farmhouse in stardew valley
Credit to ConcernedApe

Have you ever wanted to play a farming simulator but find it’s not a feature seen in that style of game? Enter Stardew Valley, the 2-D life simulator where the player moves to the mysterious Pelican Town to take over their grandfathers dilapidated farm. In multiplayer mode, you can have multiple people come to help develop a farm as a group effort.

Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2
Credit to Team17

For all the culinary artists out there, you need to give the Overcooked games a shot. In this one, up to four people can team to produce incredible meals in kitchens of all kinds in different situations. It’s like if Chopped fused with Cutthroat Kitchen was a game but taken up about six notches.

Warioware: Get It Together

Wario from Warioware
Image via Nintendo

Do you love mini games like Mario Party but are looking for something to play with just one other person instead of a group? In the case, check out Warioware Get It Together, the game based on Mario’s Bizzaro-esque nemesis. It’s fun, cheesy, and challenging all at the same time.

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10 Best Games Like It Takes Two On The Nintendo Switch