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10 Best Games Like It Takes Two For The PlayStation

10 Best Games Like It Takes Two For The PlayStation
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Are you in the market for a fun co-op game but find something like It Takes Two just isn’t your style? Don’t worry, there are plenty of good games that exist with a similar style, some that might even be better. All of these are available on the PlayStation too!

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A Way Out

leo and vincent from a way out
Credit to Hazelight Studios

If you love a good story in a game, you have to play A Way Out. You and second player will step into the shoes of Vince and Leo, two men who escape from prison in order to get revenge on the kingpin Harvey. Experience their story through their flee from jail, being on the run, and the incredible plot points you definitely won’t see coming.

The Forest

Fighting cannibals in The Forest
Credit to Endnight Games

The Forest is one that you should definitely play with other people unless you are an incredibly brave soul. It’s a survival game where you get stranded on an island full of violent cannibals who are out to get you. The thing that makes it so creepy is that the islanders can sometimes stalk you to find out where your hideout is or just watch you instead of attacking you. For that reason, this is definitely best enjoyed with more than one person.

Untitled Goose Game

The goose in Untitled Goose Game
Credit To House House

Do you take pleasure in trolling others and being an absolute menace? Then it’s time to play Untitled Goose Game, where you and one other person can team up to ruin the mundane lives of a small village. You’ll be given tasks which are in the form of puzzles. Honk at people, steal their things, break their things, there’s no limit to your terror here.

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle For Neighborville

Battling zombies in Plants vs Zombies
Credit to PopCap Games

3rd person shooters tend to be underappreciated and they really don’t deserve it, as they are good for people who get motion sick from 1st person games. In Plants vs. Zombies, play as an adorable but ferocious sapling who must destroy zombies invading your home. It’s much too campy to be creepy, so it’s perfect for those who scare easily in regular zombie themed games.

Ark: Survival Evolved

A megalodon from Ark Survival Evolved
Credit to Studio Wildcard

For the dinosaur nerds that can’t stop watching Prehistoric Planet, Ark is the game for you. Here, you’ll end up in a land full of trainable dinosaurs and have to build up your survival skills from scratch. There’s so many different dinosaurs you can tame, from ones that swim to ones that fly and of course your classics like tyrannosaurus rex. This is great to play with others so that you can divide up the tasks, someone collect food, another gets materials for a shelter, etc. You’ll work together and bond with cute dinosaurs, win-win.

The Quarry

Characters from The Quarry
Credit to Supermassive Games

Yes, there’s a lot of scary games on this list, but can you ever have too many horror games? We don’t think so! In the Quarry, you and your fellow players will follow the story of a group of kids at camp stuck in a nightmarish situation involving dark entities. It’s a little Resident Evil, a little Friday the 13th and a whole lot of fun. Hurry and save your friends before they’re swiped away!

Destiny 2

Sparrow in Destiny 2
Credit to Bungie Inc

When it comes to first person shooters, you can’t go wrong with Destiny 2. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, your job is to defend your home from aliens as its last stand. It’s got good gameplay, an interesting story, and the opportunity to be enjoyed in different ways. It continues to be popular as an online game, so if you’re looking for something with a little more story than say Apex Legends, try this.

Diablo 3

reaper of souls in diablo 3
Credit to Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo 3 is an older game, but it still somehow holds up pretty well. You’ll team up with other players to defeat hordes of monsters which have risen from the depth of hell. It’s great if you enjoy an MMO style game, but you’re not the biggest fan of MMO gaming culture. There are different character classes to choose from such as a demon hunter, monk, crusader, etc, each with different powers. It always takes two to tango in these, so find yourself a team if you’re diving in.

Don’t Starve Together

Wilson from Dont Starve
Credit to Klei Entertainment

In Don’t Starve Together, players band together to survive in a mysterious densely wooded forest filled with monsters. With a charming Tim Burton-style art, players can choose from a variety of different characters who have different skillsets that contribute to the survival of the group as a whole. They also have different interesting lore. For the single player version, you can check out Don’t Starve.


Camels in Minecraft
Credit to Mojang Studios

You can’t go wrong with Minecraft, it’s the ultimate classic co-op game. Set in a block-based world, this one gives players the chance to basically build a world however they want. You can team up with a friend or two to build amazing projects, run a farm, make a town, anything you like, there’s really no limit. It’s friendly for all ages and encourages creativity.

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10 Best Games Like It Takes Two For The PlayStation