​Review of New 13 Minute Gameplay Trailer for Pokemon Legends Arceus


We have great news for all the fans of Pokemon Legends Arceus: the new trailer has been dropped to the official Pokemon YouTube channel. It is not a secret that this video is long-awaited and thus requires our special attention. That is why if you are interested in checking everything about the adventure that happened a long time ago when it was not so widespread for Pokemon and people to live in harmony, keep reading this article!

​Pokemon Legends Arceus: 13 Minute Gameplay Trailer

The trailer’s beginning shows us a picturesque Hisui area with lots to discover, and you need to locate multiple raw materials as you explore the region. With their help, you will get the possibility to craft multiple items (healing items, lures, smoke bombs). Pokeball will help you do this. You will also face various species of Pokemon with different temperaments (skittish, aggressive, etc.). You will notice so many new mechanics in the preview that will not leave you indifferent! Also, you will have the possibility to check the catalog and research different Pokemon that inhabit the harsh Hisui region. Later, you will pass your report to professor Lavinton; thus, you will update your Pokedex and level up your rank in the survey core. It will give you a chance to purchase the needed items and materials.

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You will also get a fantastic chance to ride a reindeer to move faster or fly on the Husuian Braviary. Also, don’t miss an opportunity to try Basculegion and visit Jubilife Village.

There are no doubts that the game will allow you to customize your character’s clothes and purchase various outfits.

Moreover, you will meet a Noble Pokemon and once there is an opportunity, hit as many bombs as you can to defeat it.

Are you ready for the exclusive adventures? The great gameplay is coming soon, on the twenty-eighth of January!

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​Review of New 13 Minute Gameplay Trailer for Pokemon Legends Arceus


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