It’s battle royale mayhem in, a new battlegrounds game from the creators of and! Enter a sprawling forest map with 99 other players and fight your way to be the last one standing! You know the drill – grab some guns, get some gear, and take out other players as quickly as possible. Our cheats and tips will show you some survival tricks to help you come out on top. is shaping up to be one of the best indie battle royale games on the mobile platform, and we enjoyed our time with it. But enough of that, let’s get to surviving with our cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Find some Shield Potions!

See the empty bar above your health? That’s your shield, which is basically a second health bar. It starts empty but you can refill it by drinking rare Shield Potions. Keep an eye out for them – the small ones look like little purple vials and the big ones are round. Drinking a small Shield Potion takes about two seconds while the large ones take five, so be sure you’re in cover before popping the lid.

One thing to note is that you make a very audible gulping sound when you’re drinking it, which may alert nearby players. Be on your toes, as you may have some uninvited guests crashing in very soon! Conversely, if you hear the gulping sound yourself, be on the look out – you might get the jump on a player!

Look for the shinier boxes!

Your main method of finding new loot and guns are through crates scattered around the world. You’ll find plenty of regular brown crates, but be on the look out for the shinier crates. You’ll find colored crates with a very noticeable gleam to them – these crates have a better chance of having higher rarity guns in them. The best crate is a shiny gold crate with “N” on it. These crates have a guaranteed chance to drop an epic or better gun!

Keep the higher rarity guns!

When you’re starting out, you’ll probably find lots of common guns. You will automatically pick up new guns if you have the inventory space for it, and soon enough you’ll fill up all of your slots. If you find higher rarity guns, be sure to replace your old ones. Rarity goes from Common, Uncommon, Rare, EpicMythic, and finally Legendary. The higher rarity, the more damage the gun does.

You have four types of ammo: small ammo, medium ammo, large ammo, and shotgun shells. Try to have different types of guns on you so that you don’t use all of your ammo on one type of gun.

Save some bandages!

If you find bandages, make sure you keep them on you. Bandages are the only way to heal yourself, and like Shield Potions they take five seconds to use. Bandages can patch you back up in the event of a bad firefight, but keep in mind that they can only heal you up to 75 health.

Peek into buildings!

There are small houses around the map that you can duck into. Players can’t see into these houses until they step in themselves, so you might be able to get the jump on them. Just be aware of the houses with windows, as players right next to them can peek and even shoot into the house!

To be extra careful, treat every house like it could have a player in it – you never know! A good tactic to use is to quickly dart in front of the building’s entrance to get a quick peek of what’s inside, then immediately duck out of the way. If there’s a player waiting for you in there, they won’t have a shot at you.

Complete the challenges!

Every day you’re given a set of new challenges to take on. Completing a challenge rewards you with coins, so if you’re a fan of the cosmetic custom stuff, try to complete as many of the challenges as you can. The challenges cycle out every day, so if there is one that’s too hard to complete, just wait until the next day.

That’s all for! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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