The Zombocalypse is here and it’s up for you to take out all those hordes of zombies and bring back the tranquility (or at least the upgrades to your pistols!) to the world. A really fun and quick game that doesn’t really require a lot in terms of strategy, this new iOS title will surely keep you glued to your device’s screen for hours. And I am here to help you get the most out of it or at least try with some Zombocalypse cheats and tips to help you destroy all zombies and quickly upgrade your character.

As I said, it’s mostly a game where your own skills and ammo-collecting capacities matter the most, but for everything else – we’ve got you covered! So read on to check out Touch, Tap, Play’s Zombocalypse tips and cheats below!

1. Let the zombies pile up
Focus on one of the sides (it doesn’t really matter which) and allow the zombies to pile up in the other. This will result in you increasing your kill streak by quite a bit when you switch sides and makes it a lot easier to kill all the zombies. Just make sure that you have enough ammo!

2. Don’t be afraid to use your sword
Or Machete, or whatever that knife is. The idea is, anyway, that even though not as good as the pistols, the machete can do a good job and can keep you alive for quite a lot, until the next ammo shipment drops or just enough to send back to the grave a few dozen more zombies. What I like to do is to again focus on one side with the machete and go kamikaze to increase the kill rates. If you really run out of options, it’s better to go out swinging!

3. Learn the boss patterns
Each boss in the game has some particular attack patterns and they’re relatively easy to avoid. Make sure you learn these attack patterns and avoid their attacks because if they hit, they will drain quite some life from you! But otherwise, you can easily go past them without losing anything!

4. Call the killing streak missiles in!
Make sure that you always call the kill streak support to help you, but don’t be afraid to wait a little bit for the hordes to be numerous enough to make them count. Also have in mind that you should not wait for the zombies to get too close before calling support, because there is a slight delay between you tapping the button and the missiles arriving, so you can potentially lose some health and/or ammo. Try to call the support at the right time to get the most out of it.

5. Upgrades
It’s pretty easy in the game when it comes to skills and upgrades: you always want to upgrade everything that can be upgraded (usually after a new level is gained) and use the most recent skill/skin that you have unlocked. There’s not too much strategy here: most recent means the best. The rest is up for you!

Keep on playing, find the patterns and destroy those zombies. It’s your head at stake! And if you have other Zombocalypse cheats or tips to share with us, don’t hesitate to let us know by commenting below!


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