Zombies have taken over the world! Grab you gun and start running in Zombie Royale, a mad dash to escape the zombie ridden fields! Zombie Royale is Ketchapp’s latest game, and it continues to the tradition of simple fun. Blast and dodge zombies, buy new weapons, and go for the high score with the help of our Zombie Royale tips and tricks!

Zombie Royale is all about knowing which zombies to take out and knowing which guns will do the trick. Here is our Zombie Royale cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to survive all levels!

Conserve your ammo!

Keep in mind that to beat most level, you need to make it all the way to the end of the level. It does not matter how many zombies you kill as long as you make it there safely.

That being said, you start each level with only a few rounds so you will need to make each shot count. Try to weave past as many zombies as you can and only fire when absolutely necessary.

Aim for the emoji zombies!

If you do need to take out a few of the undead, why not be compensated for it? You may have noticed on your runs that there are zombies with various emojis floating above their head.

These particular zombies have a chance of dropping coins when they are killed, so if you are looking to earn some coin try taking out some of them!

Take down multiple zombies for a damage boost!

Take down multiple zombies in a row and you might notice that your gun is starting to ignite with fiery colors. When in this state, your bullets will cause zombies to ignite and cause more damage and also spread to nearby zombies.

This is useful on the levels where you need to take out a certain amount of zombies, so try to bunch up the zombies together to take them out quickly!

Use upgrades!

Each gun comes with their own set of upgrades that you can switch out at any time for free.

Silencers will help quiet your gun, making nearby zombies less likely to come running after you.

Scopes make you lock onto zombies faster, making them easier to shoot. T

here is no downside to using either of these upgrades so we recommend putting them both on if your gun supports them.

Use your grenade to break through hordes!

Throw your grenade if things are looking dire! Even though you throw the grenade kind of far, it will immediate wipe out all nearby zombies, even ones that you cannot see.

Grenades are unlimited, but you have to wait a few seconds before you can use it again, so do not be afraid to toss one out. They are also very helpful on the boss levels where you have to take out a large number of zombies!

Look for the explosive zombies!

Some zombies will have a bright red glow around them – shoot them to set off some fireworks!

These zombies explode when struck, acting as a mini grenade. They also have an explosion emoji over them in case they are in the middle of a crowd. Take these guys out on sight!

That’s all for Zombie Royale! If you have any other zombie slaying tips, let us know in the comments below!

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