The zombie hoard is hot on your trail, and you have only your trusty ride to rely on! Zombie Road is an endless runner where you perform tricks in the air to speed away from the zombie horde. There are lots of different cars for you to try out, including mammoths, pigs, and even dinosaurs! Our Zombie Road cheats and tips will show you how to survive the horde and also rack up a ton of brain coins!

Zombie Road is a wacky little game, but that makes us love it all the more. What other game lets you drive a t-rex head? But enough of that, let’s get started with our Zombie Road Trip cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Shoot down the ticket bird!

Every so often you will see a zombie bird flying around in the air. These birds are usually really tiny, so they are a hard target to hit. However, if you do manage to take them down, you will be rewarded with a ticket to spin the wheel at the end of the game. You can also hit them with a well-timed jump.

Whenever you are caught by the horde, the game will take you to the prize wheel. Every ticket you have lets you spin the wheel once, and you can win up to 500 brain coins! Alternatively, you can also convert your tickets into 25 brain coins each, but we do not really recommend this. You might as well take a chance on the wheel to potentially earn up to five times that!

Clean landing will help you stay ahead of the horde!

Getting the mini-boosts from doing tricks in the air is the key to staying ahead of the horde. Pulling off front flips and back flips is easy enough, but actually landing them is the hard part. Do not over commit to a flip – if it looks like you are approaching the ground faster than you thought, it is much safer to straighten out and stick the landing than risk another flip and lose it all!

There are four types of lands – bad landing, crap landing, good landing, and perfect landing. Bad landing is when you land almost completely upside down, sometimes resulting in an explosion. When you car explodes it is not the end of the world since you respawn shortly after, but this allows the horde to catch up to you real fast!

Crap landing is when you land awkwardly or at a strange angle. Good landing is what you want, and that is when your vehicle lands mostly straight. Perfect landing is when you land completely flat, with no bumps at all. The better your land is, the more your boost meter fills up. Clean lands will help you get your super boost faster!

Be careful when boosting!

When the boost meter fills up all the way, your car will automatically enter the super boost state. As you can tell by the name, you will go very fast in this state, and not even zombies will slow you down.

This is really helpful to pull ahead of the horde, but be careful – if you end up exploding, your super boost will immediately end no matter how much was left on the meter. Be careful about going too fast off of jumps!

Upgrade your cars and try them all out!

We are not too sure about this as there is no way to confirm, but in our testing it seems like each car has its own handling style. Some cars flip faster than others, some have more traction and thus an easier time landing, but because the game does not really tell you what a car’s stats is, it is up to you to try them all out and see which one handles the most to your liking.

You can also upgrade cars using some extra brain coins. Again, because the game does not tell us what this does exactly, we are not too sure what upgrading your car does. Each car’s upgrade seems to get more armor with spikes, so we can only assume that this makes your car more durable to zombie attacks.

Complete the missions!

You earn brain coins every time you splatter a zombie, but it is pocket change compared to the missions. You always have three missions on hand, and you can check them at any time by pausing the game. Each mission is usually worth around 100 brain coins and they are not that difficult to complete, so try to do as many as you can in a single run.

That’s all for Zombie Road Trip. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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