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Zombie Frontier 3 Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide

Zombie Frontier 3 Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide
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The Zombie Frontier series is back with another undead horde to slay! Zombie Frontier 3 has more guns, more levels, more powerups, and of course more zombies to take out! Zombies are coming at you from all directions, so you’ll need to stay alert to make sure you don’t end up lunch. We’ll help you survive the zombie apocalypse and maybe even have some fun with our Zombie Frontier 3 cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Always go for the head!

Headshots do increased damage and they almost guarantee the zombie will be staggered – that’s the most important part! Even when you’re getting bum rushed, staggered zombies buy you valuable seconds that could mean the difference between life and death! Make sure to aim down the sights to make it easier. It’s possible to headshot with hipfire, but it’s a little bit tougher. Here’s a little tip: even if your weapon in automatic fire, try shooting in small bursts. It’ll reduce recoil and steady your aim a bit. Make every bullet count!

2. Complete the daily challenge!

After the first couple of main missions, you’ll unlock the Daily Challenge. This won’t be so important later on but early on in the game you’re going to be really hurting for gold. The daily challenge can be completed once a day and you get around 500 gold for doing so. Considering that the support missions usually only give you somewhere around 100-200 gold for completing them, the daily challenges are a big part of your income. Be sure to do them every day!

3. Upgrade your starting guns!

The M629 and the M10 you start out with at the beginning of the game should last you sometime. You’ll need to upgrade them of course, but it’s better than pouring the gold into a brand new gun. The new guns actually aren’t that great starting out and they need a lot of upgrades to make them worthwhile. Unfortunately new guns in this game cost a ton of gold, so you’re going to be stuck with the two starting weapons for a while. So before you buy any new guns, we recommend just maxing out the two starting ones.

4. Swap weapons!

Out of ammo? In a bind? In some situations, it might be better to just switch to your second weapon instead of reloading. Depending on how far you’ve upgraded your guns’ reload speed, you’ll need to judge the time it takes to reload versus the time it takes to switch weapons. If zombies are getting too close for comfort, just switch! Keep in mind that your previous weapon does not reload on it’s own! If you run out of ammo on one gun and switch to the other, run out of ammo there, you’ll be completely dry until you reload one of them. This can be really bad, so try to sneak in a reload here and there!

That’s all for Zombie Frontier 3. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Zombie Frontier 3 Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


  1. Hello i am struk here in a sniper mission in which i have to kill a zombie in baseball uniform and he has a key which we need.please help me out as soon as possible as i had a bet with my friends!! Please

  2. I lost my phone, pls how do i transfer my account into another phone? Is that possible or i hv to start the game all over?

    Thanks for your help

  3. Hi , i am stuck as it is showing that the gun is needed to be upgraded so as to clear the stage but all of my guns are upgraded till maximum level..

    is it a bug?

  4. Hi, wanna ask… In 1st town, u can get free gems by watching videos… But, now im in 2nd town… But no more watch video… Please help…as i back to 1st town, but no more watch video again…. Thanx a lot

  5. I have been completing the quests kill 500 2000 and 5000 zombies and what not but how or when do u get the rewards for completing the quests?

  6. I’m stuck on sniper level 35. My sniper is max out but it says I need to upgrade my guns wtf it won’t let me shoot them once in the head I have to shoot them twice. Help

  7. I just got the rage gun for the tornament.and as i start to play not sure what I’m suppost to shoot at then it ends before i can figure out what to do need information thanks

  8. How do you earn silver besides getting thru snioer missions.
    Cant get thru without upgrading a rifle but they give you less than you use for upgrades

    • 1. Dlc missions specially the ship mission
      2. Tournaments
      –try to beat the tournament as many as possible within its time limit
      — each time you finish a round click on the reward info and check the MILESTONE tab to see if youve earned enough pts for certain reward yeah its cheap and gives only 1, 2, 3 silver per tier but keep playing.
      — when the tournament ends and disappears just wait for it to come around again after a few days and click on it to check on REWARD INFO again
      — in REWARD INFO check the COMPLETED tab and youll see gems, silver and gold coins plus some crates bronze and gold… claim them
      — then go to ITEMS youll see crates click on use
      and it will open and give off… from
      BRONZE crate– some gold and gems
      GOLD crate — lots of gold, silver and gems.. and gun skins

      Try not to max your entry level rifle save up on silver to get the MSR its worth the wait

  9. Which is the best weapon to pass 12th mission in the 5th city ? I need to shoot attackers to the survivor, but I cant reach with my UTS15 and my other gun P99.

    • It must be at par with the POWER NEED
      for the mission
      If you gun is under powered you need to upgrade
      Yes uts15, p99, g36, m60 are all tier 5 guns
      But must be upgraded

      Get easy gold from replaying boss 4
      Try not to shoot boss while taking out
      As much normal zombies it calls out
      Before taking out boss with the
      last few rounds you have left
      I get 20,000-40,000 each time i play that boss

      And use it for upgrading
      Get g36 and or m60 for max bullets vs zombies

      Btw if you die not finishing you still get the gold
      but not the extra 2000 because you did not get the boss it wont mind if you get 15k from killing normal zombies it calls out

  10. Hello how can i make more points in the rage tournament???i kill the boss ewerytime but my points are very low about 220 and i see the points of some players are 700 or 900 please help me


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