In Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival, beating the Haunter Mountain mission with The Nutcracker boss is really difficult. I’d go as far as saying that he’s a really tough nut to crack – but worry not as I am here to help!

In today’s article, I will tell you how to beat The Nutcracker and how to win the Haunted Mountain mission in order to quickly progress through the stages and grow your shelter further more.

The Nutcracker is the first real challenge in Zero City: Zombie Shelter Survival, and you will meet this boss in the Haunted Mountain mission. He is very difficult to beat because he deals a ton of damage in one strike, usually killing your units in one hit.

I personally had a lot of trouble beating this guy, but eventually I managed to do so and I am here to tell you how to do it.

First of all, I attacked with my three best units, using a classic team combination (1 tank / melee, 1 ranged and 1 chemical) as seen in the image below. The total power was close to 55k – when I tried previously at around 50k, I failed.

Both the Tank and the Chemical unit were at 20 Fighting power, with the ranged one at 18. I also had the basic supplies available at this level, one of each:

Use your best equipment available and focus on your Tank mostly. In my case, I grew him until he was able to survive after the first hit, which was a MAJOR advantage. So, as recommended in my Zero City guide, focus on health and regeneration for the Tank and on damage dealing for the other two.

Also, as soon as the battle begins, use the battle supplies: the Adrenaline Stimulant first (in order to increase damage dealt by all troops) and then the Mine, if needed. In my case, it wasn’t needed… but better be safe than sorry.

By following this strategy, I finally got what I thought was impossible: victory in the Haunted Mountain and defeating the Nutcracker.

And this would be all. You know now how to defeat the Nutcracker and carry on with the game, fighting against the zombies.

Did you manage to do it using a different squad setup? Let us all know by sharing your comments in the dedicated section below.


  1. yo! i got a question real quick, how do i defeat that boss character at the (municipal hospital)?
    cause my team consists of 2 melee, 1 sniper and 1 chemist and are over 100k while he is about 80k and i still gets my bottom kicked, what can i do?

    ps: his description says he hates rangers and that hes invulnerable to physical damage, does that mean my melee fighters are useless?

  2. never mind, i simply needed to use 1 sniper as bait to stall for time and make the rest of my team into chemist, who then will use heal on the sniper whenever they aren’t blowing the guy to pieces.

    • If I remember correctly, I got passed Jack with two shooters, a melee and a chemist. He goes straight for the rangers, attacks one at a time, which gives the others time to take him down. Make sure you have gear and weapons that heal as you go. Don’t quote me though, it’s been awhile lol.

  3. I’m stuck at Water Front at the City Centre. My team is stronger, but are constantly beaten. I’ve tried so many different weapon combos and nothing seems to work. Please help!

  4. Quick delete the game and less you’re paid a win the PVP section is very unbalanced you’re at 360 your Fightin 800 this game is 100% paid a win half star out of fiveWould not recommend game


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