Z Fighters is a new RPG based on the classic anime Dragonball Z. In this game you can collect and battle with heroes and enemies straight from the anime! You can either choose to fight through the story which follows the plot from Dragonball Z, or pit your team against other players in the Arena! Whichever you choose, we’ll help you build the ultimate team with ourĀ Z Fighters cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Equip the free skills!

While the tutorial goes over how to equip your team with weapons and armor, it doesn’t mention skills! Each character has two skill slots. Skills are abilities that can activate automatically during combat, and you start the game with four free attack skills. That means that you can equip two of your beginning heroes with skills. These skills are especially useful if your second free character doesn’t have good attack power.

2. Collect the dragon rewards!

Occasionally, the seven dragon balls on the main menu will start glowing. If you tap them when they’re in this state, they mythical dragon Shenron will appear and grants you some freebies, usually Zeni. Be sure to check the menu often!

3. Complete the trials!

At level four you will unlock the trials. Here you can participate in different kinds of missions to collect specific kinds of loot. You can attempt the “Loot Wars” for a chance to get some energy spheres and souls, or you can try “Steal”. Steal lets you collect shards of a certain skill. Once you collect the required amount of shards for the skill, the skill is yours. This is one of the best ways to acquire new skills, so if your team can handle it, try taking on these missions!

4. Get better equipment!

Is one of your heroes falling behind? Equipment is an easy way to improve their stats. You can get new equipment by finding them from doing missions, or combining old equipment to fuse a new piece. You can also further improve the stats on equipment by upgrading it directly. This costs zeni but it’s very much worth it due to the stat boosts.

5. Transfer heroes!

If you no longer use a certain hero because they’ve become outdated, you can opt to transfer them. Transferring a hero transfers all of their experience and sends it to one of your other heroes. The base hero is lost in the process however, so only do it if you don’t need the hero anymore.

6. Synthesis!

Accessing the “Synth” menu from the main menu allows you to allocate passive bonuses to your entire team. There are four categories: HP, ATK, DEF, and SPI. To level up one of these categories, you must use specific souls, or sometimes even heroes. Once you level up one of the categories, all heroes on your team will receive that bonus.

That’s all for Z Fighters, for now. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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