Z Day: Hearts of Heroes Cheats: Tips & Guide to Win More Battles

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In today’s article we are going to cover all of the Z Day: Hearts of Heroes tips and cheats and help you learn everything that you need to know in the game.

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From how to properly manage and upgrade your buildings to how to make upgrades and spend your currency right, I will tell you all that you need to know because if you are just a beginner then you want to avoid making mistakes, especially as a f2p player who can’t pay their way to victory!

That is why I am going to tell you what the best way to make upgrades and advance is, so without further ado, let’s dive right into the Z Day: Hearts of Heroes tips and tricks right here below!

Follow the game’s tasks

There are plenty of game tasks (or quests) and if you want to quickly advance into the game, then you should keep an eye on the quests and always try to complete as many as possible because the rewards they will give you are super worth it, and they can be anything (usually include everything): resources, speedups, currency and EXP.

Follow the Target Missions

The Target Missions or the individual missions will be found in the bottom left side of the screen and they will give you various tasks which will be pretty simple and easy to complete.

Tap on the Section missions and you will notice that the individual missions will give you EXP which help you level up your commander and thus increase your Power, and each section will have 5 missions.

When you have successfully completed all 5 missions you will be able to claim the Rewards at the bottom side of the screen. The rewards that you get from here are super useful, so make sure that whenever you complete all of the missions you will claim them.

If you don’t want to follow the missions, there is a way

Now for those of you (including myself) who don’t really want to follow the missions in the early game, then you can just go about the game at your own pace and making upgrades and such however you want.

Try to however keep an eye on the missions, because if you are not following them, you will still want to benefit from rewards at some point, so if a mission will ask you to do a certain research and you’ve already started another, then what you can do is try to speed up the research you’re doing or wait it out.

That’s the main drawback when it comes to doing the missions your own way – other than that, I consider this to be the better way because you are basically upgrading everything and making sure that you are at max power for your current level / buildings level.

Follow the Main Missions

The Main Missions can be found in the tab on the bottom side of the screen, and they will give you a ton of rewards upon completion. Try to do them and claim the rewards whenever you have completed a mission.

Do the Daily Missions every single day

The Daily Missions can be found in the Missions tab -> Daily Rewards and there you will see the list of tasks which will give you Daily rewards. For completing all of the daily tasks, you will eventually be able to claim the big reward chest which gives you a ton of useful items, as well as a Victory Key.

By completing each daily mission you will claim some Activity Points, which will keep adding up – when reaching certain Activity Points milestones you will be able to open crates each containing rewards.

7-day Missions are cool

If you tap on the 7 day rewards which is kind of an event reward in the top side of the screen, you will be able to check out the missions given to new players. The tasks will be basically you completing certain tasks within 7 days from when you begin playing, and you will be able to claim rewards.

Check them out and try to do them within the time limit, because you never know how much you you might get out of them. So just check them out and do your best to try and complete them.

Build & Upgrade as much as possible

Depending on your current level and the level of your Headquarters, you will be able to unlock more upgrades or buildings which you can build. Try to always build a new structure whenever you have the possibility because it will increase your power and make your base much better.

Whenever your Headquarters increases in level you will be able to unlock new buildings. Try constructing the new buildings that you have unlocked whenever you can. Check out what you can build by tapping on an empty spot and then the list will appear on your screen.

Sometimes a small green arrow will appear next to the buildings – when you see that mark, it means that you can upgrade the said building. I suggest that you always upgrade everything whenever you can, even if the quest doesn’t ask you to do it. When you do that you will make sure that you will be up to date with everything.

Build resource farms ASAP

As soon as you start playing, you will unlock a few empty plots of land in your territory outskirts in which you can construct. I suggest that you immediately start building all the resource farms that you can, because they will be super useful in the long run.

By having more resource farms (such as Oil Well and Food Factory) you will be producing more resources, and that will be very good if you want to make a ton of upgrades.

My tip here:

I suggest that you start building the Oil Well, Food Factory, Ironworks and Alloy Plant as soon as you have unlocked them and try to build the maximum amount of them possible. They will constantly produce resources for you, so they are the most important. Then, you can focus on Barracks, and finally on the Hospitals.

Claim your free Supplies whenever you can

While you are on the map, if you check next to the 3rd LION Corps Squadron you can find the Supplies drop center. Every few minutes you will be able to collect some supplies for free, which is definitely a good thing.

Try to check the timer and always tap on it when they become available. From this, you will be able to claim speedups for free, as well as VIP Points and tons of resources. So just check them out daily because they are a small boost towards you becoming stronger.

Join an active Alliance

An Alliance is a super important feature in the game, because of several features which it will allow / give you. Let me tell you why you should take your time to find the right alliance and join it ASAP (and stay active while in it).

– First time you enter an Alliance you will receive 200 Gold free. This is a one time thing only, but I would suggest that if you are not in rush of making VIP level over 9000, then you take your time and find the right one – and when you do, stay there!

– Joining an Alliance will allow for free speedup boosts. Once you have joined an Alliance you can ask the other Alliance members to help you speed up the building process. This is super useful and it’s completely free!

– You can teleport your base next to the Alliance’s HQ. This will help you move your base in the World Map into a safer spot, next to your alliance’s HQ location along with the other members. Do this because it will help keep your base safer from enemy attacks.

Speed up the building process

Whenever you are building, you will be able to speed things up in case they take a long while. I suggest that you try to first join an Alliance before you decide on speeding up stuff, because it will save you several Speedups.

So basically once you joined an Alliance, just ask the others for help, and that will drastically reduce the building time. Do this before you spend any Speedups. Once you’ve received all the help possible, you can start using Speedups.

Try to use the only if you need a building to be completed immediately, otherwise just wait it out. If a building takes several minutes, better wait it out because that way you can do other things in the meantime.

I always prefer to just spend the Speedups I get on Headquarters, because that one is your main building and more often than not it also takes the longest to upgrade.

Always be researching something

In the Research Lab you will be able to start researching various features. There are 6 main sections, and if I were you I’d start by focusing on the Development -> Construction as much as possible. That will allow for faster building and it is something that will help a lot in all stages of the game.

– Development: this section will focus mainly on your base improving, such as storage increases, building speed increases, training speed and stamina recovery among other stuff. It’s a good field to be researching whenever you are not sure what to go for next – you can’t go wrong with these.

– Economy: this field will focus mainly on your resource production by increasing them or decreasing the speed it takes to produce. It’s a good field, if you are having issues with resources, but I wouldn’t focus on it early on.

– Combat: this will help you increase your troops’ Attack, march speed and other stats. It’s definitely useful, and it will have quite a big impact when you want to fight.

– Combat II: the same as Combat, but you will need your Research Lab level 26 or higher to unlock – so it’s basically it will give you end game Combat upgrades.

– Defense: the Defense is another field which focuses on battles, but mostly on the Defensive side.

– Supersoldier: these upgrades will cost more, but it have very targeted upgrades. Give them a quick read and you’ll understand, because they can give you more storage slots, increased HP, ATK and so on.

Hire the extra builders for free ASAP

As soon as you are starting off in the game, if you want to have a very fast progress, then you should hire the extra builders for free. By doing this you will have for 2 days some extra builders which will let you construct and upgrade twice as fast.

I suggest that you do this because early on it is a very fast process to build and upgrade, and if you can do it faster, then it’s much better! After the two days of free builders expired, you can hire them again, but I don’t think it will be necessary as by then you will have quite a powerful base.

Use your Skill Points!

The Skill Points will give you even more extra stats, and you can find them by tapping on your commander portrait in the upper left corner of the screen. There, you can tap on Skill Points and start allocating them as you see fit.

I always prefer to go for the Economy -> Construction -> Food or Oil Production -> Research Speed -> Instant Yield and try to max out Construction as much as possible. In my opinion Research and Construction should be the first ones to max, because they will help you out in the long run by reducing the timers for everything else.

These would be all of our Z Day: Hearts of Heroes tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game strategies or have some game tips of your own? Feel free to share them with us and the rest of the players down in the comments section below!

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Z Day: Hearts of Heroes Cheats: Tips & Guide to Win More Battles

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