After a popular closed beta earlier this month, Android players will now be able to pre-register for Webzen’s hugely promising MU Origin 2. The upcoming MMORPG is the latest spin-off to the classic PC-based MMO MU Online, and it brings back and improves upon all of the fan-favourite gameplay mechanics and characters that made the series so great to begin with.

The first – and perhaps most important – choice you’ll make is which of the 3 starter classes would best suit your intended play style. For those looking to brute force their way through most enemy encounters, the Dark Knight might be a good pick. The Dark Wizard offers up plenty of magical powers to overwhelm unfriendly hordes. And then there’s the Elf class, a great choice for those looking to dominate the battlefield from afar.

Once you’ve got that initial decision out of the way, an entire world’s worth of dungeons, expansive quests, and game modes will open up to you. And all those adventures needn’t be undertaken alone, as MU Origin 2 allows you to create or join guilds, team up with fellow players, and take on the toughest foes together. Of course, you’ll also be able to do battle with rival teams in the game’s Harmatium, or take on opponents in challenging 1v1 bouts.

Its world is vast, detailed, and packed with deadly enemies. Traversal is made much more enjoyable thanks to the many mounts, and the frustrations of tougher battles can be somewhat alleviated by the collectable guardian animals.

The game’s closed beta on Android ended earlier this month, and Webzen have now released some interesting facts and stats that shed some light on how players opted to take on the game’s many challenges. We now know that the Dark Wizard was the most popular starting class, with a sizeable 43.7% of players opting to go the magic route, while 36.3% went with the Dark Knight, and only 20% went for the Elf class.

Overall, 38,274 players were killed when competing in PvP, and an astounding 2,337,791 tower levels were cleared. The beta testers were also quite prosperous, earning a combined total of 306,925,432,548 zen.

You can expect to see the full release of MU Origin 2 on the App Store and Google Play later this year. But for now, Android players can head on over to Google Play to pre-register.


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