Cooking is serious business, as the young protagonist of Yes Chef! surely knows. If you have been trying to help him become a better cook, you might find this Yes Chef! Cheats: Tips and Tricks guide useful. We will be covering some of the game’s basics as well as revealing some neat tricks that will make you enjoy the latest game developed by Halfbrick Studios even more than before.

  • Special Matching Combinations

While Yes Chef! is a match three puzzle game at heart, there are some gameplay features that make it stand from the competition. While matching three symbols is the most basic way to clear stages, it isn’t the bestas there are more powerful combinations that will make you earn special ingredients that can clear a lot of pieces. Mixing four pieces will make you receive an ingredient that clears pieces in a cross shape. Matching five pieces in a L or T fashion will make you get an even better ingredient that can clear 9 pieces. Matching five pieces in a straight line will make you earn a ranbow ingredient that can clear any color.


As you might have guessed, it’s possible to use these special ingredients together for even better results. They’re pretty much required in later stages, as simply matching 3 pieces together is not going to be enough. There’s no real tip we can give on this, as stages are random, but a bit of practice will make it easier to understand which ingredient to use and when.

  • Energy System

Being a free to play game, Yes Chef! employs an energy system which dictactes for how long you can play the game. Once energy has been depleted, you will have to wait for it to replenish. And just like other free to play games, it’s possible to get back energy as soon as possible by moving the device’s clock ahead. Once energy has been replenished, you can move back the clock to the actual time.




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