Holly was expecting her high school reunion to be just like any other reunion – full of laughs, catch ups, and celebration, but what had actually happened could not have been any further from her expectations…

Worse Than Death is a new, 2D survival horror adventure game from the creators who brought us Home, the psychological thriller. After her high school reunion goes horribly wrong, Holly must brave a terrifying and unseen force to rescue her best friend Flynn.

As Holly, players will need to run, jump, and crawl through a variety of locales in her home town. To discover the truth behind this deadly force that is hunting her down, she must solve puzzles and piece together the mystery herself.

A meter at the bottom of the screen will show you how close you are to alerting the seemingly invisible threat, which increases when you move and make noise. When the horrors approach, Holly must duck and cover and hide somewhere until it safe again.

Will you be able to help Holly figure out what is happening to her home town and most importantly survive the night? Worse Than Death is available now on the App Store for 3.99 USD.


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