World War Polygon Cheats: Tips & Guide to Defeat All Enemies

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In today’s article we are going to cover all of the World War Polygon tips and cheats that we have gathered so far and share them with you so that you will know how to defeat all the enemies in the game and win all the battles!

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Since this is a shooter game, I would argue that you need to know how to aim firstly because that is what will help you pass the stages – and you also need to have something in you that makes you like these games as well!

I can’t honestly say that I am good, because I have to admit – my shooting skills are not the best, but I can get by and by learning a few tips and tricks, I can safely say that if I share them with you, you can improve too and get better if you are willing to.

So let’s not waste another second and dive right into the World War Polygon tips and tricks right here below and learn everything there is to know about the game!

Practice makes perfect?

Now you will start by playing in a tutorial stage, where you are introduced to all the weapons in game and also to the whole game experience overall. so you will learn how to look for objectives, how to shoot with the sniper gun and how to throw grenades, crouch and so on.

During the stages you can put all of these things into practice and get better using them. For instance, I suggest that you get used at using the grenades right – learn how to follow the enemies’ move patterns and throw the grenades exactly in their path so that they will get destroyed instantly by them.

I suggest that you also pay attention to the bullets and shots fired at you (you can see the yellow trails they leave as their direction) so you will learn how to dodge them, because even during the stages, you can die if you lose all health and you’ll have to restart!

Clear the story mode – it’s got an interesting story!

The story mode can be found in the very first tab on the left side. There you will have several chapters, and they will all help you understand better the story of the game and of all the battles that are fought within.

If you want to practice and get better in order to improve at the PvP games, then this is a great way to do so because you will face several challenges. I suggest that you play the story mode at least to chapter 3 or so before you decide to play PvP stages because that way you will get better at the game and will have an easier time climbing the ranks when you do play PvP ranked games.

I prefer to play the story mode and clear everything as far as I can especially so I can learn better how to head shot because that’s the safest way to victory.

Always aim for the head

No matter what weapon you are using, you should always try to aim for the head (unless you are using grenades, because then you can’t really aim at the head). This will instantly kill them more often than not, and will also give you the most points.

While you are using the sniper, just double tap on the screen to get into the bigger aim screen which will help you go for the head easier. I suggest that you always go for the head because it will deal more damage, and in the PvE mode (story mode) it will instantly kill the enemies almost all the time.

In PvP it is also the best way, because even if the players upgrade their helmets to have the head shots deal less damage, it will still deal plenty of damage. So yeah, always try to aim for it!

Watch an ad to double your rewards after the stages

Whenever you finish a stage in the story mode, you will have a nice post game screen, which will show you the stage stats and also give you the option to watch an advertisement to double your rewards!

If you want to make plenty of upgrades, this is definitely something that you should do because it’s going to take just a few seconds (up to 30 seconds per ad) and you will double your coins. That will help you because from all the chests that you will get, you’ll be able to make plenty upgrades and for that you will need coins.

This is a free way to make coins, so definitely go ahead and watch an ad if you don’t mind. I always prefer to do so because it’s free and once I have upgraded my Epic equipment enough I can go in PvP more confident.

Upgrade all of your gear all the time

You should try to always make all the upgrades you can to your equipment, from weapons to helmets, armors and so on. By upgrading their grade, you are basically improving your damage, aim and your chance of surviving for longer.

Whenever you upgrade a weapon, you will increase its damage, aim accuracy, reload time and whenever you upgrade your gears you will increase your health, decrease the damage received from head shots and much more.

So therefore it’s super important to always upgrade your gear because in PvP you will definitely encounter players whose gears are super advanced, so yours should be too.

Download all the extra data

If you head on to the second tab, you will find several missions which are chapter related. I suggest that you download the data for all of these, as well as for the Daily Battle and PvP mode (when you have time).

This will not take a crazy amount of time, but you should have Internet connection through Wi-Fi because otherwise you might end up using quite a bit of data. By downloading these extras you will be able to go into PvP battles and also complete some extra missions which will give you plenty of useful rewards.

Play your Daily Battles!

These daily battles are some fun activities, which might include fighting zombie Nazis and whatnot, so I suggest that you go ahead and do them every single day, because the rewards you will receive are definitely good.

On the seventh day of fighting the Daily Battle you will receive some super good rewards – 200 Gold Bars! That is super good because those are the premium currency in the game! So definitely try to play your daily battles every single day!

Get your free coins every day!

If you head on to the Shop tab, you will see that in the Shop -> Items tab your very first option will be to get some free silver coins! You can choose to watch an ad to get them for free, every single day! That is a super useful offer because it’s free coins, which you can use for various purposes, from upgrades to buying other fragments for equipment and weapons.

Also in this tab you can see various offers for parts (weapons and equipment) and those will refresh every single day, so if you see something that you want to buy (parts for an epic weapon which you like for example) you can choose to purchase them!

Use your Gold Bars for Crates!

If you are looking for ways to spend your Gold Bars, then this is the best one. By heading on to the Shop -> Crates tab you can find here several types of crates. Let’s go over all of them and see which ones you should focus on.

Free Supply Crate – this crate is given to you for free every couple of hours a day, so make sure that you claim it whenever it is available!

Emotes Crate – this crate costs 125 Gold Bars and it will only contain emotes. I don’t suggest spending your Gold Bars on it unless you already have all the weapons and equipment that you wanted (and fully upgraded).

Small Parts Crate – this crate contains 45-75 random parts, and it costs 15 Gold Bars but you can also choose to watch an ad to open one. I suggest watching an ad to open this, and save your Gold Bars for other crates.

Small Disposables Crate – this crate will contain 3 disposables, and it costs also 15 Gold Bars but if you want you can watch a short advertisement to open one. I don’t really think it is worth it to spend Gold Bars on it, so if you want to open it, watch an ad.

Big Parts Crate – this crate costs 50 Gold Bars, and it contains 195-390 random parts. There is also a Giant Parts Crate which costs 250 Gold Bars and it has 1250-3000 random parts.

Big Disposables Crate – this crate costs 50 Gold Bars and it contains 12-18 disposables. The Giant Disposables Crate costs 250 Gold Bars and contains 72-108 disposables, so that one is better.

I always suggest going for the Giant ones which contain way more than the Big crates, so definitely try to advance in story mode so you can unlock better stuff from the crates!

Watch an ad for free Gold Bars!

In the upper side of the screen, right next to your Gold Bars, you will see an option that will reward you with 10 Gold Bars. Those can be receive for watching an advertisement, so if you want to open some Giant Parts Crates (which are my favorites) then you can definitely benefit from the free Gold Bars!

Don’t be a sitting duck!

While you are fighting, the worst thing which you can do is stand still and shoot. No matter if it is a PvP battle or a PvE one, you should always move and shoot, so you will not be an easy target for the enemies.

You can also crouch to make it harder for the enemies to aim at you, so if you want to become better, try to practice these in the story mode. Also, use the walls and other environment features to hide behind them!

Don’t forget to check out our gameplay video right here:

These would be all of our World War Polygon tips and tricks that we have gathered so far! Do you know some more useful battle tips and tricks? Feel free to share them with us by leaving them down in the comments section below!

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World War Polygon Cheats: Tips & Guide to Defeat All Enemies

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