World Flipper Orochi Final Boss Guide

World Flipper Orochi Final Boss Guide

This RPG game with a gacha system from Kakao Games Corp uses pinball mechanics instead of auto-combat. It also has Boss Battles, and this guide will tell you about Orochi.

Orochi Skills in World Flipper

Each of his heads has different attacks and abilities. On the battlefield, a maximum of three heads will be active at once and will be replaced by others when you kill one.

Let’s take a look at what you will face:

First Head

  • Restores health to itself and other heads
  • Can use more efficient recovery
  • Weakens your skills

Second Head

  • Attacks with a wide range
  • Can inflict damage with fire over long distances

Third Head

  • Summons minions that attack you with lasers

Fourth Head

  • Uses the effect of gravity on some parts of the field, and can also use it on the entire field

Fifth Head

  • Deals point damage with a lightning strike that can cover the entire field

Sixth Head

  • Creates an ice minion that attacks you
  • Can create ice around the character

Seventh Head

  • Uses the wind across the entire field, thus inflicting high damage, and also attacks with a very wide range

Eighth Head

  • Uses a laser with huge damage and a huge range

How to Beat Orochi in World Flipper

We recommend the Lightning Ihaho Team:

  • The leader will be Ihaho, and Rams will be a sub and use Tiger King Axe.
  • The second team consists of Kagliostro, Regis, and Baihu Bow.
  • The third team is Sha Suzu, Lunalu, and Red Oni’s Gauntlet.

The concept of the build is to attack while the enemy is under the effect of lightning, but it can be adjusted to your wishes.

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World Flipper Orochi Final Boss Guide


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