Wonderball Heroes Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide


Help the White Rabbit on his journey to Wonderland! Join forces with the Wonderball Heroes to guide the White Rabbit safely! Wonderball Heroes is a pinball-esque arcade game in the same vein as Peggle. We’ll help you achieve 3 stars on each level with our Wonderball Heroes cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Wonderball Heroes is an exercise in your own judgment of ball physics, but if you follow this guide you should be able to reach all 3 stars, so read on for our Wonderball Heroes tips and tricks guide!

1. Try to angle your shots to cover the most ground!

The key to Wonderball Heroes is to be as efficient as possible with your balls. You see that guiding line that shows where your shots are going to go? Try to angle your shots so that they bounce where you want them to, and try to hit multiple red pegs with one ball.

2. Getting all 3 stars is very dependent on your leftover balls!

You’ll probably notice that you get very little points from actually trying to hit all the red pegs. Most of your points will come from the end level bonus, where the ball you used to hit the last red peg will split into multiple balls, equal to the amount of balls you have left. As you can guess, the more balls you have left, the higher your end score will be, especially if you get any that happen to land in the middle 20,000 hole. It’s very important to try to clear out all the red pegs with as little balls as possible!

3. Utilize heroes’ blue power ups!

There are blue pegs in each level that when hit, will activate a special power up depending on which Wonderball Hero is in that level. For example, the bear’s roar will hit all pegs around the blue peg, while the beaver will make it easier to land in the free ball bonus hole. Note that these spawn in fixed positions and in limited quantity, so use them only when you need them!

4. Examine the level and plan out your shots!

Sometimes, the levels are set up in ways that kind of show you where you need to shoot a ball. For instance, one of the very first levels is shaped like a spiral, full of those box pegs. The spiral leads to the center of the board, so naturally you want to shoot into the beginning of the spiral. Doing so will cause your ball to travel along the spiral, eventually hitting the center peg, which also happens to be a blue piece containing the bear’s roar. Following this strategy nets you a lot of points and clears out a big part of the board! You aren’t timed, so feel free to take your time and examine the board before you make a shot. You might just make it big!

So there you have it: take your time, plan out your shots, and be sure to utilize the heroes’ special abilities! If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below.

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Wonderball Heroes Cheats: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide



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