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Wolf Evolution Cheats: Tips & Guide to be the Alpha Wolf

Wolf Evolution Cheats: Tips & Guide to be the Alpha Wolf

If you ever dreamed how life is from the perspective of a wolf, we will provide everything you need to know in our Wolf Evolution cheats and tips to make sure you become the Alpha of the pack.

We are going to reveal to you all the little Wolf Evolution tips and tricks to make this game a most enjoyable experience and to help you collect all the super strong wolves and add them to your pack.

So, without further ado, let’s get into our Wolf Evolution guide below!

Fight the big animals

You will have to, at some point, fight bears, bulls and other big animals. They might prove difficult at first, but level up your wolves and upgrade your skills and you’re set. In the case of a fight not going your way, press the Escape button on the top right of the screen.

The best way to approach them is by using your most powerful pack members and their full potential. The abilities they have along with the special moves, will prove that your wolf pack is greater than a bunch of wild cows wandering about. 

Don’t save the energy for too long

It’s great to assemble a pack and take down big animals just like it would happen in reality, but it all costs energy. You will have to maintain this energy to fight more, and every few minutes it recharges.

Since it recharges really fast, I suggest you don’t miss out on anything that the game has to offer but rather spend it as quickly as you can and as soon as your energy is recharged go fight some more mobs again.

Hunt for food and get it from chests too

Food is the most important resource, since it will allow you to quickly grow your wolf pups and add them to your team. Also, don’t forget about the possibility to explore the map with them once fully grown.

If you choose to spend some bucks on the game, you should invest into a VIP pack because you will reward you with more food from hunting, and that’s a great start for any story. The food is the main resource here, so it’s not a waste of money if you think about it.

Everything starts from puppyhood

Even if your wolves might start off as little pups, don’t neglect their abilities. Their normal attack rather. They can do quite decent damage if the wolf is a strong one. You can play as a puppy or as an adult wolf if you have VIP, but only as an adult if you are a regular player.

In order to rank up the puppies, you must feed them. Each wolf has their own abilities, which can be used at their full potential once they reach maturity. To obtain a little wolf, you can either mate with another wolf, get them from the store or get them from chests.

How to get more chests

All you need in order to get more chests is patience. Some great Wolf Evolution cheats would be to fight the bulls three consecutive times. Once you do that, you will be rewarded with a chest which might give you a random wolf. Another way you can get more chests is by buying them in the store.

What I suggest you do here, is to complete the quests given to you and keep fighting the bulls (3 times). You will have a huge pack of wolves in no time and the best ones will come to you sooner than you would have expected.

Time your skills properly

Learn every wolf’s skills by playing them vs bulls for a while and learning exactly when you need to time them. Some wolves’ skills might be super easy to cast, while for others it might be extremely difficult. Learn each and every pack member’s combo and rank them up to be even more powerful.

To best press the skill at the right time, do not panic. This is the best advice I have for you. Stay calm and calculated, and you will learn the pattern very soon. It is not that difficult, but it can be missed by a hair, so just keep calm and time it well. If you fail once, try again and remember how long it took for you (you can count the seconds in your head until you get used to it).

Make powerful teams (packs)

Since each wolf is different, you can create a ton of combinations between them. Read carefully each wolf’s skills and pair them up with another that has complementary ones. If you have many, that is. Since you won’t have a lot at start, just be patient because your time will come.

All you need is a good Alpha wolf, then the rest will come together better than you would expect. Get an Omega wolf too, and the pack will be even stronger. Don’t worry about the super-expensive store wolves, if you can’t afford them. The regular ones will do great and who knows, you might even get a super rare one from a box! 

These are all the Wolf Evolution tips and tricks we have for you guys, and if you have something worth mentioning that we haven’t discovered yet, leave a comment down below for all the lone and strong wolves out there to know.

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Wolf Evolution Cheats: Tips & Guide to be the Alpha Wolf


    • In the feed screen, when you have a wolf selected, look at the info panel on the right side of the screen. Where it says their name, there should be a little pencil icon next to it. Click that to change their name!

  1. Question. I’m almost at Quest lvl 8 and it says I’ll get a wolf. I have unlocked all the uncommon wolfs so would I go onto the next stage of wolves???

  2. (TIP) you have to buy stuff from the shop to get loyalty levels, and the most priced stuff give you more points for the loyalty levels wich will give you a better chance of getting wolves that need loyalty when your going to buy something. (CHEAT) ALSO if you go onto the menu button on your bottom left next to your animations you can press the present icon that says “free food” and press all of the websites one-by-one and you don’t really have to log in or sign into anything, all you have to do is click a website and press the back button and you still get the meat.

  3. Ok guys, gold is used to buy wolves you already have or to add wolves to your pack that you have bred, which it should take 5000 to add them and 1000 to sell them, but DON’T worry the gold is easy to get, and you either get them in chests or in rewards, gems you have to either buy or also get in chests or rewards, rewards are earned by completing quest levels but they are usually chests with good stuff in it, and to tell your level, you go to the meat icon that says feed on your bottom right and it says numbers right by your wolves picture icon and that’s it’s level, you can level up by feeding your wolf meat that you either get from killing rabbits, sheep etc. And if you don’t know what etc. Means it means and more, or other stuff. And to like someones wolf you go on the camera that shows more stuff and you can move your screen around and whoever you want to view you press their wolf and press the heart button. BUT BE CAREFUL! you only have 10 likes per day but to get more again you have to use them up first and wait until the next day, but you CAN get your games schedule mixed up. Like by doing it at night and trying at day will not work. You will have to wait a while if you do that, so i recommend doing it at day and get a good nights sleep, so you cam be ready in the morning, but to fix this you may have to use all of your likes on someone at daytime and then wait until the next day and that might work.

  4. Okay so I have a good question. (I don’t know if this is already answered.) what if you say your 12 or under accidentally, and then how do you go back and change it?? Is there a possible way?


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