Will Rumbleverse Be Available on the Nintendo Switch?

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From third and first-person shooters to isometric-view and MOBA games, every genre of games have dabbled into the battle royale scene, and the next smoking-hot title is right around the corner.

Rumbleverse, developed by Iron Galaxy, is a 40-player “brawler-royale” which was revealed during the Game Awards that took place during December 2021.

What is the Release Date for Rumbleverse on the Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately, Rumbleverse is not going to be released for the Nintendo Switch as of now, as there is no direct word about it from the creators.

Rumbleverse will be published by Epic Games and released for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

What is Rumbleverse Gameplay Like?

The Rumbleverse is basically a city filled with quirky “pro-rasslers” ranging from humanoid chickens to super-buff construction workers that will clothesline and elbow drop you to the ground within a blink of an eye.

In classic battle royale fashion, players will slowly descend onto the designated map from a parachute and fight each other until there is a last man standing. Iron Galaxy’s aim with the game was that it will be more of a long-drawn, entertaining brawl rather than adopt a quick kill-or-be-killed approach like other battle royale titles such as COD Mobile or Fortnite.

There are 3 core attributes in the game: arms (power), core (health), and legs (stamina). Adjusting these characteristics help you come up with unique character builds that will help you depending on the kind of matchup you’re in with an enemy.

Grapital City, the map for the game, is large and expansive, showing off great vertical height. You don’t necessarily have to fight, the creators stating that you can simply chat with enemies from rooftops with hilarious emotes. Be careful though, as the map will continually shrink the more inactive you get, forcing players to get aggressive and take each other out.

Rumbleverse is set for an early access launch on February 8, 2022, while supporting cross-platform play and progression.

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Will Rumbleverse Be Available on the Nintendo Switch?


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