Will Hogwarts Legacy be Playable on the Nintendo Switch? – Answered

Hogwarts Legacy Nintendo Switch

Ever since Hogwarts Legacy was announced back in September 2020, the game has been garnering a lot of hype and attention among players and critics alike. It’s scheduled to come out sometime this year, but the details around the game are still pretty scarce. Apart from a few trailers, we haven’t seen much of anything, which further increases curiosity towards Hogwarts Legacy.

While the game will be released on most modern consoles, many want to know whether Hogwarts Legacy be playable on the Nintendo Switch or not.

Will Hogwarts Legacy be Playable on the Nintendo Switch? – Answered

As per the game’s official website, Hogwarts Legacy will be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. This means that Hogwarts Legacy will not be playable on the Nintendo Switch, as the developers won’t be releasing a Nintendo Switch version of the game. While the news is definitely disappointing, Switch players should remain hopeful as the developers might bring Hogwarts Legacy to the Nintendo Switch after the game releases worldwide.

Hogwarts Legacy will be set in the late 1800s and you will be able to choose your own house, which will influence your life at the school. The game will have its own completely unique story with new characters and elements. It’s been revealed that the protagonist of the game will have some kind of a special, ancient type of magic, and what they choose to do with it will depend on them.

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Will Hogwarts Legacy be Playable on the Nintendo Switch? – Answered


  1. I have a switch too and I was hoping that it will be on here too Idk why they do that can they release it for the Nintendo switch too it’s so sad that the company of Nintendo switch won’t let it go on the Nintendo switches they should anyways it’s would be more fun and plus the joy cons have Sensors and u can move the wands and make spells and stuff I hope they can change their minds


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