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Why Is PUBG Mobile So Easy? – Answered

Why Is PUBG Mobile So Easy? – Answered
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PUBG Mobile is an incredibly addictive Battle Royale game for mobile devices. Up to 100 players participate in each match and must fight for first place. The map in the game is very large and has many buildings with different loot. However, many players complain that PUBG Mobile is too easy. And in this guide, we will explain to you why the PUBG Mobile seems easy.

Why Is PUBG Mobile So Easy?

The gameplay of PUBG Mobile is no different from the original game. Players land in various places on the map, collect loot, try not to go beyond the safe zone, and, of course, fight each other. So why does the game seem easier than PUBG?

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The game has a ranking system, which is needed so that you can play with players around your level. However, PUBG Mobile also has many bots that replace real people during matchmaking. And, of course, defeating bots is not at all difficult. Their AI is pretty bad, especially compared to real players. There are 10 ranks in total in the game:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Crown
  • Ace
  • Ace Master
  • Ace Dominator
  • Conqueror

And as long as your rank is below Platinum, the game will seem easy. In these ranks, there are much fewer real players than bots. Therefore, many players who do not reach high ranks consider the game easy and drop it. However, after Platinum, you will meet more real players with good skills. And believe me, playing against them will not be easy at all.

Bots are the main reason why the game seems easy. Although this is far from true. Just raise your rank to face tough opponents. And to do it quickly, we recommend that you take a look at the guide for beginners. We hope you enjoy this guide.

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Why Is PUBG Mobile So Easy? – Answered


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