Home Game Guides Why Are My Palworld Achievements Not Unlocking? – Answered & How to Fix

Why Are My Palworld Achievements Not Unlocking? – Answered & How to Fix

Why Are My Palworld Achievements Not Unlocking? – Answered & How to Fix
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Playing Palworld on Steam isn’t only rewarding as a gaming experience in itself. There’s also plenty of joy to be had from Steam achievements. If you’re a frequent Steam gamer, you know this already. And you also know about the issues with Palworld achievements.

Although Palworld is a relatively new game, I’ve also had the chance to ask, why are my Palworld achievements not unlocking. The same is true for thousands of other players worldwide. Well, it’s time to answer this burning question, understand the core issue with Palworld achievements, and see how to fix the problem!

Besides the answer to Palworld achievements not working, you might also want to take a look at the frequent multiplayer errors in the game. But if you’re already familiar with those, let’s get started!

Why Is My Palworld Not Getting Achievements?

To cut a long story short, nobody’s really clear on why Palworld achievements sometimes fail to register. If that sounds disappointing, that’s because it is! We know there’s a bug at the core of the issue, but there’s no clarity on what the bug actually is, what’s causing it, or when it activates.

Sometimes, you might not get an achievement in Palworld as a guest, while sometimes, it might not register when you’re the host. Since the developer hasn’t addressed this issue with an announcement at the time of writing this article, there’s no way of knowing he exact cause. What I can do, though, is offer you a few possible solutions.

Before we jump into potential ways to fix the missing Palworld achievements, you should note that the proposed fixes will only work if the issue is on your end! In other words, if the game or its server is simply bugging out, there’s a high chance none of the solutions will work. With that in mind, here are the fixes for Palworld achievements not unlocking.

How to Fix Palworld Achievements Not Working

Palworld has many things going for it, but it also already has a list of known bugs.
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Solution #1: Make Sure You’re Online

It might sound basic, but your issue with Palworld achievements might be due to a poor internet connection. You need to be online with a stable connection and be signed into your account to ensure the entire system works as intended. Do a double check of your connection—perhaps that’s why your achievements aren’t registering!

Solution #2: Double-Check the Achievement Requirements

This is another relatively cheap shot at a solution, but your achievements in Palworld might not work simply because you haven’t met all of the requirements. If you’re an experienced gamer, this is very unlikely but can happen easily to beginners. Take the time to check what the requirements are, even if you’re feeling positive about it.

Solution #3: Restart Palworld

Sometimes, the most straightforward solution can resolve even the most stubborn issues. And it doesn’t get more straightforward than restarting the game. For additional points, restart your device as well. If the problem is that the system got stuck, this could jolt it back up.

Solution #4: Keep Everything Up to Date

Sure, when you sit down for a gaming session, the last thing you want to do is waste time on updates. But this is an absolutely crucial move in many cases, especially when you’ve got problems like missing Palworld achievements. When you go about doing updates, make sure to update everything! This includes your game, system, and drivers. If anything, your sessions will likely become smoother.

Solution #5: Verify Game File Integrity (Only on Steam)

If you’re playing on Steam, it might be worth your while to verify your game files. In fact, this should be an absolute must for anyone using the platform, but I know many players skip this step for whatever reason. Well, don’t be one of those players! Go to your Library, find Palworld, go to Properties, then Local Files, and hit the Verify Integrity of Game Files button. You’ll be glad you did it.

Solution #6: Write to Palworld Customer Support

In the case of missing achievements in Palworld, you certainly won’t be the first (or the last) player to write to Palworld about it. Still, this may be a good opportunity to join the ranks of players who are bringing attention to this bug. And the more people react to the issue, the sooner the developers will see what can be done about it.

This wraps up the list of advice on solving the issue with Palworld achievements. If you think of another way to tackle this problem, leave it in the comments to help out the community! And don’t forget to go through our Game Guides section for more tips and tricks on various other games.

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Why Are My Palworld Achievements Not Unlocking? – Answered & How to Fix