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Mer-ky Depths side quest in Hogwarts Legacy
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You might fail the Sophronia Franklin quiz even if you are the biggest fan of the wizarding world. Even though this mission doesn’t include any battles or complex puzzles, the Sophronia Franklin quiz is considered one of the most complex quests in Hogwarts Legacy. And this guide will show you the answer to the question, “Who Published the Law of Elemental Transfiguration?”

Sophronia Franklin Quiz: Answer for Question №11 

Even though most players consider the second part of the Sophronia Franklin quiz the most straightforward one, many players still need some help while completing it. There are complex questions about Hogwarts motto, Law of the Elemental Transfiguration, and Lethifold. Below, you can find an answer to one of these questions:

Question: Who published the law of Elemental Transfiguration?

  • Answer №1: Gamp
  • Answer №2: Evangeline Orpington
  • Answer №3: Laverne de Montmorency

If you want to answer correctly, you should choose option number #1 “Gamp.” After selecting it, Sophronia will thank you for the correct answer, and you will move to the seventh question of the second round.

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Rewards for Sophronia Franklin Quiz

Rewards for Sophronia Franklin quiz are probably the most important part of this quest. As many players were forced to push their limits while completing it, they are expecting to get good rewards for their efforts. And below, you can find the actual rewards for the Sophronia Franklin quiz:

  • Wiggenweld Potion x3
  • Maxima Potion x1
  • Edurus Potion x1

Even though whether these rewards are worth your effort is subjective, we recommend every player complete the quiz. It provides you with the potions necessary for the central  questline.

That’s it with completing the Sophronia Franklin quiz. Our guides allow you to complete the Sophronia Franklin quiz in a few minutes. So, feel free to use them and enjoy Hogwarts Legacy with pretty good rewards. And if you want to read more guides, please check our article on how to alter the style of an item in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Who Published the Law of Elemental Transfiguration? Answered – Hogwarts Legacy


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