Pokemon Sword and Shield

If you have been playing Pokemon Sword and Shield since the games’ release and continue to play it to this day, there’s a very good chance you may have received a free shiny Pokemon from Machamps.com via a surprise trade.

If this happened to you, you are not alone, as a lot of Pokemon Sword and Shield players have received these Pokemon which don’t exactly look like legit, legal Pokemon.

So, who is Machamps.com and why do they keep trading Pokemon with seemingly random players? Let’s find out.

Who is Machamps.com and Why Do They Keep Trading Me Shiny Pokemon? – Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokémon Sword And Shield

Machamps.com has been active for a very long time, even before the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield, and it is a well-known website in the Pokemon community that sells hacked shiny Pokemon. As such, using them in online competitive matches carries the risk of being banned. Even if you are not banned for using them, the fact that they cannot be renamed tells the opponent you are essentially cheating, so no matter the consequences, we suggest you avoid using them in competitive matches.

As for why Machamps.com sends out these hacked Pokemon for free to random players, it all boils down to easy promotion. As the Pokemon community gets bigger and bigger with each new release, sending these Pokemon via surprise trades is a simple and very cheap way to reach more players.

If you have received a Pokemon from Machamps.com, and want to keep it, you should only use it while playing offline. Using it online not only carries the risk of being banned but also ruins Pokemon Sword and Shield for every other player.

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