Home Steam Deck Who are Berserkers in Elex 2? – Answered

Who are Berserkers in Elex 2? – Answered

Who are Berserkers in Elex 2? – Answered

There are many different factions in Elex 2. And one of them is berserkers. In this guide, we will tell you about them.

Berserkers in Elex 2

Berserkers in Elex 2 are one of the factions present in the game, which stands out among others for their, perhaps, the most modest technological development. This is due to the worldview: all advanced technologies are rejected in the bud, but at the same time, the birches are eager to turn Edan from a depressing wasteland without any life into a wooded area. As a result, they use primitive weapons, such as axes, swords, bows, and the like. However, this is offset by the development of magic, which equalizes the chances in battles against more technologically advanced opponents.

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The faction is based in Goliet, led by Rangar, albeit on a temporary basis. The most principled opponents of the berserkers are the Albs, with whom they are connected by a long and not the simplest history, which reached its climax as a result of a bloody battle. The result of the latter was to stop the construction of the converter in Edan, as well as to prevent the fixing of the Albs in it. Before that, they were at enmity with the clergy.

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Who are Berserkers in Elex 2? – Answered


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