Which Plant Is Not Poisonous in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Which Plant Is Not Poisonous in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is an exciting RPG for mobile device users. In this game, you have to play as an apprentice wizard who has just entered the school of magic and undergo difficult path.

The game has many game modes in which you have to communicate with classmates and teachers, as well as find answers to many questions, for example, “Which plant is not poisonous?” In this guide, we will answer it.

Which Plant Is Not Poisonous in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery?

As we said, the game has a large amount of game variety that will keep you entertained. The whole game is built on communication, and each answer you choose will change the storyline and the attitude of other characters towards you. Sometimes your answer will determine how many points you score and how quickly you can get rewards in the game. Yes, there are many rewards here that will help you in passing.

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The game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has a Hogwarts Clubs tab, from which you can get a lot of rewards. At the moment there are 3 clubs total, namely Sphinx, Dragon, and Hippogriff, and in each of them, you will need to correctly answer the questions of different characters to gain experience and receive rewards as a result.

Returning to the “Which plant is not poisonous” question: it will be asked by the best student from the Hufflepuff house, Penny Haywood, during the Hippogriff Club quests. The answer to this question is the Mallowsweet plant.

We would like to add that it is worth making friends with the character Penny Haywood. After reaching the maximum level of friendship with her, you can get a potion belt from her as a gift, which will help you in the future.

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Which Plant Is Not Poisonous in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery


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