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There are tons of items that a player would need to progress further in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, and eventually complete the games. Some of  these items that are super crucial to completing the game are called TMs.

If you’re here looking to know where to get Waterfall in Pokemon BDSP, then I’m fairly certain you already know what TMs are. For those who don’t, TM’s are the abbreviation for ‘Technical Machines’ which are moves that can be taught to your Pokemon, with some TMs being used to traverse through the region and overcome physical obstacles better.

One of these TMs is Waterfall, and this one is needed if you want to go through the Victory Road to take on the Elite Four and Champion.

So you want to know where to get Waterfall in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl? Scroll down to find out!

How to Unlock TM 99 Waterfall in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Follow these simple steps to obtain TM 99 Waterfall:

  • Play through the majority of the game.
  • Reach Sunyshore City.
  • Challenge and beat Volkner, the final gym leader.
  • Leave Volkner’s gym.
  • Proceed north to exit Sunyshore City.
  • Enter the beach north of the city.
  • Talk to Jasmine.

Since you’ve beaten Volkner, she will hand you TM 99 Waterfall!

You can talk to Jasmine here even before you beat Volkner, but she won’t give you the TM for Waterfall.

And that’s all there is to obtaining the TM for Waterfall in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl!  

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