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Where to Get Sea of Thieves Ferryman Set Codes

Where to Get Sea of Thieves Ferryman Set Codes
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Sea of Thieves boasts not only fascinating gameplay but an exciting skins system. Among the various skins with unique ways of getting them, The Ferryman is one of the rarest in the game. This guide will tell you where to get Sea of Thieves Ferryman Set Codes.

Image by Rare

Getting Ferryman Set in Sea of Thieves

As you know, this Sea of Thieves skin set is one of the rarest in the game, and it is not an exaggeration. You could get it several years ago, and only if you bought a Limited-edition Xbox gamepad. And all of these gamepads were sold out in a short time. Therefore, now it is nearly impossible to get this set. Unlike the game’s services, which may be temporarily unavailable, this set is unavailable permanently!

Also, do not trust anyone who will tell you that it is possible to buy this set for 20 or 50 dollars. And do not follow any links that will lead to getting this set. The only possible way to get this set is to buy an unpacked gamepad on eBay. However, the price on such gamepads starts from 700 dollars and higher.

What the Ferryman Set Includes

When it is completely clear how to get the Ferryman set (or rather that you can’t), let’s find out what you would get by wearing it. The set elements are the following:

  • Ferryman belt
  • Ferryman boots
  • Ferryman gloves
  • Ferryman hat
  • Ferryman jacket
  • Ferryman trousers
  • Ferryman eyepatch (vanity item)
  • Ferryman hook (vanity item)
  • Ferryman blunderbuss (weapon)
  • Ferryman cutlass (weapon)
  • Ferryman pistol (weapon)

In conclusion, the Ferryman Set sounds pretty exciting, but the bad news is that you can’t get it! Luckily, there’s other in-game stuff that you can obtain in Sea of Thieves, and not only as a consolation prize. Find out about the possibilities in our Game Guides articles or grab new codes from the appropriate section!

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Where to Get Sea of Thieves Ferryman Set Codes


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