Home Game Guides Where to Get Friend Codes for Pikmin Bloom – Share Your Friend Codes Here!

Where to Get Friend Codes for Pikmin Bloom – Share Your Friend Codes Here!

Where to Get Friend Codes for Pikmin Bloom – Share Your Friend Codes Here!
Image by Niantic
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Similar to Pokemon Go, playing Niantic’s augmented reality game Pikmin Bloom with friends is fun. However, making friends in Pikmin Bloom is a daunting task. So, to help you out, we have prepared a handy guide on where players can get friend codes in Pikmin Bloom.

Gathering more friends will be one of the most important tasks besides exploring all Pikmin types in the game. Luckily, getting more friends will be easy if you know the codes.

Where to Get Pikmin Bloom Friend Codes

Image by Niantic

Players can find Pikmin Bloom friend codes on social platforms and forums such as Reddit, Facebook, community-created websites, and other similar places.  

One of the best places to get Pikmin Bloom friend codes is the Friend Code Mega Thread on the Pikmin Bloom subreddit. However, this subreddit is private and you might need to wait to get access to it. A potentially better option is to check out the so-called Bloom Net on Gishan, where many friend codes are available immediately.

Alternatively, you can use this community-made website to get Pikmin Bloom friend codes. However, we recommend using the Reddit option as there’s more information on the players you are going to add as friends. 

Pikmin Bloom is currently available on Android and iOS platforms. We looked into the linked sites and found that many codes shared by other players are fresh from this week. In other words, you can be sure there’ll be plenty of active players to add—luckily, the game is still pretty much alive and well.

List of Pikmin Bloom Friend Codes

There are plenty of friend codes that people share online, but we decided to provide a list here as well. Note that these codes are all relatively recent and you’ll likely find even newer ones on the mentioned sites.

  • Aidan—US 1879 3842 2322
  • Brightside—DE 0039 0878 7173
  • rei—DE 6822 7199 7637
  • chu—TW 9801 7527 2939
  • spaghettiqueen—US 1945 0211 1945
  • sofi—TW 9610 4880 2777
  • Panda—US 7735 9914 8138
  • Maxwell—CL 2096 2877 2044
  • Maxwell—CL 5453 4168 1617
  • Mzzzz—JP 4982 6016 6561
  • 쪼꼬미—KR 6264 8812 9666
  • decembergirl77—PL 9907 8860 1939
  • ive—DE 7407 4961 9113
  • mteagg—JP 6117 9988 9705
  • Santiago—KR 6983 3957 0385
  • Kass—GB 4039 5749 3126
  • JASMINE—JP 7793 3484 5567
  • Klumpsi—DE 0564 4549 7643
  • Orion—US 1206 6588 7919
  • 찜닭—KR 3928 5391 1740

For more guides, check out our Game Guides section, and don’t forget to browse our News articles to learn all the latest from mobile gaming! But, before you go, why don’t you share your own Pikmin Bloom code down in the comments? If you want more in-game friends, reaching out through this article would be a great idea!

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Where to Get Friend Codes for Pikmin Bloom – Share Your Friend Codes Here!


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