Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise is all about gathering new items that can be used to craft new equipment that can be used to take down even stronger monsters.

Among the items you will need quite a bit to craft new equipment are Warm Pelts. They are not immediately available to you, as you will need to take down the correct monster and hope the RNG gods are on your side.

Here’s where to find Warm Pelts in Monster Hunter Rise and how to farm them as quickly as possible.

How To Find Warm Pelts In Monster Hunter Rise

Warm Pelts are dropped by two different monsters: Kelbi and Anteka. The first can be found in the northern areas of the Shrine Ruins, while the second is located near the main camp in the Frost Islands.

No matter which monster you are going after, you will need to carve them after defeat to get Warm Pelts. You have a 45% chance of getting a Warm Pelt by carving a Kelbi and a 18% chance by carving an Anteka. As such, it is always better to go after Kelbis in the Shrine Ruins.

To farm Warm Pelts as quickly as possible, fast travel to the sub-camp in the Shrine Ruins and then travel from sector 13 to sector 11. After a few trips in the area, you should have more than enough Warm Pelts for your crafting endeavors!

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