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Where to find Trey Jones in Undawn – Location Guide

Our guide shows you where to find Trey Jones, the character portrayed by Will Smith, in Undawn.

As you are fighting off the zombie hordes in Undawn, do not forget to take some time to visit all the townsfolk in Ravens Shelter. In fact, you can meet the star of the show himself, Trey Jones, who is portrayed by the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air himself, Will Smith. It is a rather interesting collaboration, so if you want to see him for yourself, our guide shows you where to find Trey Jones in our Undawn location guide.

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Trey Jones’ location in Undawn

Trey Jones is located in Ravens Shelter, the first major encampment you reach when you start your adventure in Undawn. There are a lot of NPCs to talk to and visit, including the main man. He is easy to find if you want to meet him yourself.

Go down the main street of Ravens Shelter until you see a large building with a green sign out front that says “shelter”. This is the building you are looking for, so head inside.

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As soon as you step inside the shelter building, you should see Trey Jones standing to your left, right there in plain sight. Unfortunately, you cannot actually talk to him if you are still early in the game’s campaign. Sorry for being party poopers!

We are assuming that he will become integral to the main campaign as you progress through it, but we have not seen anything major yet. In fact, we have not even heard him speak, so we are wondering if Will Smith actually voiced any lines for the game, or if the developers just used his likeness for Trey Jones’ character.

It is very interesting seeing Will Smith as a character in Undawn, as it reminds us of his acting role in the post-apocalyptic film I Am Legend. Trey Jones’ design is definitely inspired by Smith’s character in I Am Legend, as he fights off nocturnal mutants in an attempt to find a cure and save humanity.

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Where to find Trey Jones in Undawn – Location Guide