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Where to Find the UFO in House Flipper

Where to Find the UFO in House Flipper
Image via Frozen Way

If you are getting tired of renovating and selling high-end luxury houses, beach front properties, and cute apartments then it may be time to get into farm flipping! This long-awaited DLC has just dropped and it brings something a little out of the ordinary. Crashed landed in the middle of nowhere is a property truly out of this world: a UFO. The previous owners don’t seem to be around so it is ow up for sale and will make a spectacular modern build to renovate! Let’s explore where we can find the UFO house in House Flipper.

How to get the UFO in House Flipper

The Farm Flipper DLC was released in April 2023 and comes with an exciting array of farmsteads to renovate, land to cultivate, and animals to groom so everything looks its best when it comes time to flip for a profit. Of course no farm-themed DLC would be complete without a cheeky nod to the strange phenomenon of cattle abductions. In the Farm Flipper DLC a crashed UFO is available to purchase along with all other bonus properties. If you want to try your hand at turning a UFO into a stylish modern apartment, all you have to is follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the office
  2. Open the laptop
  3. Go to Browser
  4. Click on the For Purchase tab
  5. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the list to find the UFO property
  6. Purchase the building for €861,314,74.
Image via Frozen Way

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Once it is purchased you can either go straight to the new 204m sq. property or stay in the office until you have completed whatever it is you are doing. You can then head out of the gate to go straight to the UFO. When you arrive at the UFO you will see it needs a lot of work to make it look liveable. It has clearly crash-landed in the field, leaving a shallow trench behind it.

Explore the entire UFO and see what strange and wonderful things it can offer a potential buyer including the gravity reversing lever. See if this cosmic property will reveal the location of poor Molly the cow, who was abducted a while ago… The UFO is certainly one of the most interesting properties to flip in House Flipper!

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Where to Find the UFO in House Flipper