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Where to Find the Taoist’s House Key in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Where to Find the Taoist’s House Key in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty
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Apparently, one has to keep track of one’s keys in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, even when hordes of demons plague the country during the chaos of The Three Kingdoms period in ancient China.

Rather early on in the game, you will reach the Hidden Village—a home base of a sort—where several inhabitants need help with different tasks. One of those tasks will come from a young woman who will ask you to find a key to her home.

In this guide, we will show you where to find the Taoist’s House key in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty so that you can unlock that part of the Hidden Village as well.

Where to Find the Taoist’s House Key—Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Guide

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to complete this quest right away. You will have to progress in the story until Part 3. More specifically, you will need to start the mission called In Search of the Immortal Wizard, so just keep playing through the story until you reach that part of the game.

As the mission unfolds, keep your eyes open once you reach the cave with the alligator. After you leave the cave to go fight the mission’s boss, check the alcove to the left, behind a vine-covered statue, as you follow the path. You will be able to grab the key and return to the Hidden Village.

Where to Find the Back Door Key—Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Guide

When you return the key and claim your reward, the lady will tell you that she is still missing the key to the back door. You can find this item in Part 5 in the mission called War’s Flames Blaze Fiercely.

Close to the end of the mission, as you walk through the dragon’s head, you will get to a room with pillars and some mermaid demons. Once you vanquish them, don’t leave the room but explore its left side. There is a small opening holding the back door key, but be ready to kill a big spider first.

You can now finally head back and get some locked chests as the final reward. To unlock them, you should have these commonly found items to trade with the house owner:

  • Fire Pot
  • Anti-Freeze Soil
  • Mystic Crane

There you have it—mission accomplished! Enjoy your loot and check TouchTapPlay for more useful guides for numerous other games. If you enjoy mobile games, don’t skip our dedicated Codes section and get freebies the easy way!

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Where to Find the Taoist’s House Key in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty


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