Home Game Guides Where to Find the Motherlode Key in Raft: Motherlode Key Location Guide

Where to Find the Motherlode Key in Raft: Motherlode Key Location Guide

Where to Find the Motherlode Key in Raft: Motherlode Key Location Guide

The latest story chapter of Raft is here, and with it comes exciting new islands to explore. Just like the previous story islands, all the new islands have their own puzzles to solve, and today we’ll discuss the first location, Varuna Point. We’ll walk you through the island with our where to find the Motherlode Key in Raft: Motherlode Key location guide!

Where to Find the Motherlode Key in Raft

After completing the events of Raft’s Second Chapter update, you’ll be given a clue to the whereabouts of Varuna Point, the first major story island of the Final Chapter update. Upon arrival, you’ll notice that Varuna Point looks like a skyscraper that was in the middle of construction.

You’re going to spend a lot of time underwater here, so we highly recommend equipping Flippers and an Oxygen Bottle. There are also big bubbles floating around in the water, and running into them will replenish your oxygen.

Varuna Point is massive—and this is just the section above water!

Dive near Varuna Point and you should see a bunch of jellyfish. Don’t get too close, as they’ll zap you! If you look closely, you’ll notice that they’re blocking openings that you can swim through. Look around, and you should see two spotlights, one of which is broken.

The working spotlight will intermittently shine its light on one of the openings, causing the jellyfish to scatter—this is your chance to sneak inside!

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Once inside, your next objective is to collect four spotlight parts to repair the other broken spotlight. Though there are several floors, this section is fairly straightforward, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the parts.

After you’ve collected all the parts, head back into the water. Use your parts to repair the broken spotlight, and the light will shine on the central tunnel that runs between the buildings. Swim inside, and follow the tunnel into the next section.

The hole in the tunnel opens up once you turn the spotlight back on.

The next section coming up is dangerous, so make sure to be patient and take your time. You’ll have to navigate through a building similar to the other one, but this time around, there are booby traps everywhere!

There are floor traps with spikes on them, so make sure not to walk over them. There are also tripwires that will swing spiked boards at you, so watch out for those too. You’ll take moderate damage if you’re hit by one, so bringing a Healing Salve might be a good idea. Don’t forget food and water!

Though this section is a lot more dangerous due to the booby traps, it’s also straightforward, just like the other building. Keep pushing forward, and eventually you’ll drop into a large room, where you can find the Motherlode Key sitting on a desk, alongside the identity of the booby trap maker.

Congratulations, you’ve found the Motherlode Key! You can now push on through Varuna Point. If you have any other questions about Raft or the Motherlode Key, let us know in the comments below!

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Where to Find the Motherlode Key in Raft: Motherlode Key Location Guide


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