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Where to find the Fishing Trainer in WoW Dragonflight

Where to find the Fishing Trainer in WoW Dragonflight
Image via Blizzard Entertainment
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The newest and the ninth expansion of World of Warcraft, Dragonflight gives you exciting new quests, stories, and more. As with any other new game or expansion, WoW Dragonflight has its players taking time to familiarize themselves with its new features.

The fishing profession is now made to be more user-friendly in WoW Dragonflight, but this time, being a fishing master requires you to first have a fishing trainer. There’s no need to scour the whole map or wait until you come across one though, as we have got you covered on where to find the fishing trainer in WoW Dragonflight.

Dragon Isles fishing trainer location in Wow Dragonflight?

Even for seasoned players of WoW, it can be a daunting task to explore a new area in a new expansion. This is especially challenging in the case of looking for a fishing trainer in Dragon Isles, which is something you never had to do in the earlier expansions. However, the nearest fishing trainer in WoW Dragonflight is relatively easy to find.

You can find a fishing trainer named Mora Cloudwalker in the northern area of the Wingrest Embassy. This is in the Waking Shores which is where you initially arrive in Dragon Isles. Locate the NPC that’s fishing by the water and interact with them.

Where to find fishing trainers in WoW Dragonflight?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

While Mora Cloudwalker is the most accessible, there are also other fishing trainers that you can find all over the map. Here are the locations of fishing trainers in WoW Dragonflight:

Fishing TrainerLocation
Mora CloudwalkerThe Waking Shores, horde area
Danielle AnglersThe Waking Shores, near alliance dock
Daring FisherRoaring Dragonsprings, Ohnáran Plains
Angler TaimuTeerakai, Ohnáran Plains
ThreshrakEmerald Gardens, Ohnáran Plains
NunvuqIskaara, The Azure Span
Toklonearby Valdrakken’s market, Thadraszus

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What’s new with fishing in WoW Dragonflight?

The biggest change in fishing in WoW Dragonflight is how you equip your fishing pole. It’s now a profession tool that no longer has to replace your weapon. In the earlier releases, fishing required the players to move the fishing pole into the primary weapon slot, which makes switching between your combat gear and fishing equipment quite cumbersome. 

You also run the risk of hitting enemies with the fishing pole instead, which totally ruins combat. Now, you can easily drop the fishing pole in the top right corner of the Fishing Journal and it can be “equipped” every time you use your fishing skill.

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Where to find the Fishing Trainer in WoW Dragonflight


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