Where to Find the Diablo Stallion in GTA 3


Despite the game’s age, there are lots of vehicles you can use in GTA 3, with some of them having better handling and gripping controls. There are several missions in GTA 3 that’ll require you to get certain vehicles first.


In this article, we’ll be showing you how and where to find the Diablo Stallion, as you will be required to find one in order to pass some of the levels in the early stages of the game. So without further ado, let’s get on with it.

Step 1 – Head to Portland


If you’re in a different city away from Portland, your chances of finding a Diablo Stallion are very slim. You’ll need to head back to Portland to guarantee your chances of finding this car.

Once in Portland, you’ll have to drive past the Red Light District and head to Hepburn Heights, which is a Diablo-dominated street. They’re everywhere, greatly improving your chances of getting the car.

Step 2 – Recognizing the Diablo Stallion


Since there’s no particular location where a Diablo Stallion is parked at all times in GTA 3, the only way to get one is to drive around Hepburn Heights until you see one passing by, then carjack it from one of the Diablo gang members.

Similar to the Mafia Sentinel vehicle, the Diablo Stallion is simply a modified version of a regular vehicle with cool flamy designs all around it and an eye-catching dark color.

Unlike its counterpart, the Diablo Stallion is faster and has better handling. It is more durable to damages, and its engine makes an even better sound.


That’s it on our brief guide on how to find the Diablo Stallion. You can get lucky and stumble upon the car in any part of Portland Island, but it’s a guarantee that you’ll find one faster in Hepburn Heights.

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Where to Find the Diablo Stallion in GTA 3


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