Where to Find Shield Keg in Fortnite Chapter 3

shield keg in use fortnite feature

Fortnite Chapter 3 has some useful healing utilities for players, and they can be found all over the map. Find Floppers and Small Fry in a freezer for a health boost, or Slurp Fish for a boost of the shield! Mushrooms can help heal you if you forage for some in the woods or find them in a box of fruit and veg. There are also the usual bandages and medkits, Chug Splash, or use a Chilli Chug Splash for an extra speed boost on top of your healing. Recently, another healing option has been added to the game—the Shield Keg!

Shield Keg Locations

You can find Shield Kegs anywhere on the map. They are more likely to come from Chests and Supply Drops, but they are also found in houses and other buildings. If you don’t want to spend time looking around for the chance of finding a Shield Keg randomly, you can also visit one of the NPCs and purchase it with Gold Bars.

fortnite shield keg lt john llama
Lt. John Lama can sell you a Shield Keg (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

Visit Lt. John Llama to purchase a Shield Keg for 250 Gold Bars. He can be found to the southwest of the Logjam Lumberyard lake. He is in the stable where one llama also resides, and a couple of Quadcrashers are parked outside.

shield keg lt john llama fortnite location
Lt. John Llama can be found in this stable with a llama and a couple of Quadcrashers (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

The stable is located near a bend in a river southwest of Logjam Lumberyard, between a couple of hills. Lt. John Llama has 4 Shield Kegs to sell, plus the Exotic Boom Sniper Rifle for 600 Gold Bars. He is also available to hire for 95 Gold Bars.

location of lt john llama
Lt. John Llama location (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

We hope that helps you complete your quest to find and use a Shield Keg—good luck!

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Where to Find Shield Keg in Fortnite Chapter 3


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