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Where to Find Krystyna’s Husband in Diablo 4

Where to Find Krystyna’s Husband in Diablo 4
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It turns out that, in Diablo 4, you won’t be only chasing after Lilith—you can also choose to help concerned village women looking for their philandering husbands. At least, that’s the gist of the side quest called Unyielding Flesh that you can unlock when visiting Yelesna, a small settlement southeast of Kyovashad.

Being the good soul that I am, I decided to help the villager Krystyna look for her missing spouse as soon as I encountered her at the eastern entrance to Yelesna. But then I got stuck for an unnecessarily long time because I just couldn’t find the man. If you’re struggling with this side quest as well, you will benefit from this guide on where to find Krystyna’s husband in Diablo 4.

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Where to Find Feodor (Krystyna’s Husband) in Diablo 4

To find Feodor, Krystyna’s Husband, you will have to travel to the general area designated on the map. The problem is that the blue elipse where you need to look covers a decently-sized ghoul-infested territory so you might have to spend more time searching than what a simple quest like this should call for. While Krystyna joins you on the hunt for her husband and the woman he ran away with, she’s not much of a help. She will just tell you that they both ran towards a strange light in the forest.

Where to find Feodor, Krystyna's husband, in Diablo 4
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Feodor, Krystyna’s husband, is hidden away in the forest corner northwest of the center of the designated area. He is chained and turned into an undead abomination by the woman that lured him into this trap, who turns out to be an actual demon from hell (surprise, surprise).

Now that you’ve found Feodor, you will just have to go fight Yulia the Hellbound (which shouldn’t be a big challenge if you’re anywhere above level 10) and return to Feodor and Krystyna to complete the quest and claim your rewards—Blood-Barbed Blade and some gold.

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Where to Find Krystyna’s Husband in Diablo 4